Corporate Social Responsibility: Managing Responsibility – Ralph Lauren Corporation

Corporate social responsibility  refers to  how the organization mages their business by extending it to the society, it involves strengthening the capacity of the community members so that they can contribute  to their development ,in the united states, its about sustaining and respecting the cultural diversity of members giving them skills related to the areas of their interest, usually when the company makes profit, apart from paying taxes, they can donate  certain amount to the society   from profits. The initiative can be  channel  toward  charitable programs  hence create a health reputation in the society, hence   becomes an integral  part of resource utilization and  wealth creation in the  community.

Techniques of Management

For decade of years, Ralph Lauren has become the most reputable company and consistently its products have gained good image across the market. It has variety of luxury product ranging from  home accessories and lifestyle products. The growth of the investment company is aligned to  good leadership and which is complemented  and supported by stakeholders. The   value which has existed for  a long time has  created  and captured  mass market,  this  directly leads to  increase in  sales  thus maximizing profits,

According to  Erdem, Zhao, and Valenzuela, (2004), the existence of marketing  team  that  comprise  of college young professional and graduates  is another technique which  gives an incredible  merit  over other marketing brands, it make the Ralph  Lauren company  to have  a worldwide renowned  brand ,the purpose of this is to effectively  change the minds of  consumers.

Moreover, the  management  ensures that they provide the quality  products  based on the American lifestyle thus they capture the  lifestyle of the market  and mostly they concentrate on the  younger generation which gives a  good platform  for  shopping environment , these makes the company consumer targeting of 15% of the total revenue collection.

Areas of Ralph Lauren Corporation  Ares of Improvement

In order to Ralph Lauren corporation, to enjoy sustainable   and competitive benefits, there is need to ensure high degree of   brand equity since their products target only the young age generation, this necessitates them to consider other population comprising of the aged whom they wish to use their brand but are   not considered in the selection, the inclusion of  this will increase the company’s revenue collection, There need also  to  intensify in  marketing  in the field  since the market is not  well established in the society thus  will maximize profits. ( Buzzell  and  Quelch, (1988),

Company Reputation

The existence of quality and strong assets   together with Ralph Lauren name  itself makes the  company receives  good   reputation, it  helps the customer acquire good trust and  loyalty in their products, the  experience is passed  to the coming generation which further  promote the  their product marketing .  this  further strengthens their uniqueness, it gives a customer   chance to  customize  their own products ranging from the color , style  and other desired options hence boosting  the  image of the company.( Azoulay and Kapferer,2003),

Roles of the Stakeholders   

The stakeholders holds a strong section in the brand portfolio, they ensure that the company’s product are consumed, The company will try as much as possible to  hold upon them for  good distribution of their  goods so that they  can obtain a higher  market and financial  resources  at their disposal, therefore, the company must be committed and anticipate for maintaining the  stakeholders customer service hence they are  core  factors to be narrowed down  by the Ralph Lauren company,

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