Course Analysis – MATH 260


MATH 260 is a course that consists of entails differentiation and integration. The course covers various areas that will help a student in dealing with science and mathematical courses and mostly in engineering. The subject has many topics that are limits, functions, integration and forms of differentiation. MATH 260 focusses on developing problem-solving skills using the various functions of the course. Students are expected to do well in the course since most of the basics are not hard, and one can quickly learn them. The course will aim to widen the understanding and application of problem-solving skills by introducing the students to challenges calculations that help them determine the various solutions to the problems by solving them. MATH 260 is thus essential to engineering students since it gives them problem-solving skills in solving various scientific problems found mainly in the applications of calculus.

The course will include the use of a computer to solve the various functions in calculus. The students will e exposed to calculations that require the use of computers which will help them solve the equations quickly and ensure that they understand what they are doing.

The grading of the course will involve various assessments assignments and the final exam, which will make up for 60%. The grading system is as below.

CAT2 15%
CAT 1 10%


All students should ensure that they do their assignments and tasks. The students are to ensure that they do not miss the cats or else have a better explanation for where they were. The cats are part of the grading of the final exams and thus they should be taken seriously by anyone who gets below the pass mark, which is 50, will have to retake the exam the other semester. Students should meet the deadlines given when submitting assignments and any takeaway CATs. Homework will be posted on the website on the blackboard and students should, therefore, access their Blackboard to find out if there is any assignment left. Students are required to take an active participation in class and ensure that they do not cause disturbance to other students in the class. Students are encouraged to work hard since nothing comes quickly.

Terminal MATH 260 course objectives

The terminal course objectives are as outlined below

  1. When given various supplications concerning chemical, physicalorelectronicproblemsthestudents should rememberthevarious derivatives used in solvingcalculusandhave an understanding of them that will help him or her followtheprocedures to solvetheapplications.Thestudent will have to recallthevarious derivatives anduse them appropriately to solvetheproblems.
  2. Whengivencomplex trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, inverse functionsand exponential functionsthestudent should have an understanding of solving them through thevariousproceduresandensurethatheorshe can differentiate between theintegrationsand differentiations of various trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic andinversefunctions.Thestudent will, therefore, applytheknowledgelearntin class to formthefunctionsmentionedabove.
  3. Thestudents should recallthevarious formulas used in solving differentiation functionsanduse them wherenecessary to solvethedifferentproblem in integration like thevolume of solids in revolution ,area between two curves, averagefunctionvalue, andthequantity of workneeded to moveobjects to name a few.
  4. Whengiven trigonometric functionsthestudent should recallthevariouslawsandthe differentiation of thevarious trigonometric functionsandapply them to solvetheequationsor
  5. Thestudents should rememberthefirstprinciples, which are essentialforsolving differential equationswheretheygain an understanding to solveequations that are morecomplex.

As a matter of importance, the students should ensure that they master the various laws and calculation formulas to recall and perform the various calculation appropriately.

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