Critical Thinking – Is Abortion Wrong?

Question 1 –  Is Abortion Wrong?

The act of women conducting abortion on their unborn babies has been a rampant issue in the recent past especially in the twenty first century. However, the act should be condemned with the contempt that it deserves. Abortion is a crime since it is actually killing an unborn human baby. The law gives protection to all human beings and anyone found guilty of committing murder can be jailed for life. The same reason it is wrong to kill an adult is the same way it wrong to kill the unborn child (Pruss). Most people argue that life begins as soon as one is born, but on the contrary, life begins when one is still in the womb of the mother. Therefore the unborn baby also enjoys the protection of the law that gives it the right to live. For instance, before I was born, I was once a fetus and an embryo. If I was to be killed before being born, the penalty applied to my murder would have been the same to that applied to anyone who would dare murder me right now.   Those in authorities ought to take more stern actions to avoid issues of abortion taking place anymore.

Question two – Should men be the breadwinners and women the homemakers?

Traditional marriages are slowly becoming extinct as lifestyle changes gradually. In the current society, most marriages are formed by couples who all go to work and at the same time have a responsibility of taking care of the family. It is therefore difficult to make women be the homemakers at a time when even the women yearn to get success in well paying careers. Therefore, families should find a balance between their careers and their families. Additionally, both men and women should be the bread winners for their families since the economic times are getting more difficult to an extent those families cannot rely on one person to be the bread winner.

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