CS 192 Course All Discussions With Sample Answers

CS 192 Discussion Week 2 Program Efficiency

We have learned from our reading that properly coding decision statements will aid in program efficiency.Taking into account the availability of today’s powerful computers, why is programming efficiency important? Conversely, when might program efficiency be really critical? Include, in your discussion, some “mission critical” software applications in which every microsecond matters.

CS 192 Discussion Week 3 WHILE Loop vs. FOR Loop

  • Compare and contrast the WHILE loop and the FOR loop.
  • Your discussion should identify the similarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each structure.
  • Which data structure do you consider to be more robust? Why?


CS 192 Discussion Week 4 Arrays in Everyday Life

Let’s think about the use of arrays in everyday life. Provide an example and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of arrays

CS 192 Discussion Week 5 Designing for Reusability

Discuss the concept of reusability and how to design for reusability. Provide an example with your posting.

CS 192 Discussion Week 6 Development and Ease of Maintenance

Discuss how the use of standards such as variable naming, the use of class diagrams, and good programming practices all contribute to both rapid program development and increased ease of maintenance.

CS 192 Discussion Week 7 Code Reliability

This week we are going to discuss code reliability.

  • Whose job is it to test newly written code? Why?
  • What steps should we take to ensure the reliability of our code? Explain.

CS 192 Discussion Week 8 Software Testing

Discuss the process of formal software testing, including regression testing. Why is this done?

Discuss software testing as a career path, and consider what skills would be desirable for a software tester

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