SCIN 130 Course All Forums With Sample Answers

SCIN 130 Forum 2 B – Genetic Engineering


  1. What are the benefits of genetic engineering versus the potential risks?
  2. What are your personal thoughts on genetic engineering? Do you think genetic engineering provides useful information for the scientific investigation of our natural world or do you think that we should not “mess with Mother Nature”? Explain and support your position.

SCIN 130 Forum 3 – Plants

This week we shifted our focus to our eukaryotic “cousins”, the plants. With that in mind, the discussion topic is designed to provoke some critical analysis of both systems. Pick one of the following topics and compare at least two major similarities and two differences between vascular plants and humans.

The “circulatory” system of vascular plants compared to humans

The reproductive cycle of vascular plants compared to humans

Organs or tissues of vascular plants compared to humans (you need to choose only one or two comparable tissue or organ types)

There is a second portion of this assignment that will force you to think about how plants affect our individual lives. In our day-to-day hustle and bustle, plants are typically overlooked for all that they provide for us. Simply stated, they are all too often taken for granted. With that being said, I would like for you to take the time to ponder just what plants have done for you. In fact, I challenge you to LIST and EXPLAIN at least ten ways in which plants in general or specific plants provide for you in your life and HOW they benefit or enrich your life. I encourage you to write your entry before reading any of your classmates’ posts to see if you can come up with any original ways plants affect you.

SCIN 130 Forum 5

Some opponents of endangered species efforts have argued that endangered species recovery is too expensive, stands in the way of individual property rights, and produces little to no results in the recovery of endangered species. Do you agree or disagree with this position? How important is biodiversity from a biological perspective? How important is biodiversity to you personally? Are you willing to give up economic gains for the benefit of biodiversity? Evaluate and discuss these questions and ideas based on your research of credible sources.

SCIN 130 Forum 6 – Ethical Conduct in Scientific Research

For this week’s discussion exercise, you are to choose one of the topics below and briefly describe in 300-500 words: (1) the event and its impact on reform in clinical research practices, (2) a brief statement on your personal response to the event, and (3) why you think ethical considerations are important.

  • The Nuremburg Trials
  • Tuskegee Syphilis Study
  • The Henrietta Lacks story
  • Willowbrook Hepatitis Study

SCIN 130 Forum 7

Every year a small number of children die from diseases or conditions that develop as a result of vaccines received to protect them. It seems to be an inherent hazard associated with mass preventative inoculation. Is it worth the risk? Can you debate both sides of the issue? Have you had or would you have your own children vaccinated? Why or why not?

SCIN 130 Forum 8 – Share Presentations and Reflect on the Course Project

This is where you all are going to share your Presentations with the rest of the class. Please upload your presentation and, in 300-500 words, answer the following questions about your experience with the entire course project:

  • How did you collect your observations and your pictures/videos?
  • What did you like most about this course project? Did it increase your interest in biology?
  • What was the most interesting thing you observed or researched about your species?
  • Did you find any resources particularly helpful/useful in the development of your project?
  • Share any sites or sources that you found particularly useful with the rest of us.


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