Cultural Differences Between Dubai and Charlotte

Researchers describe cultural relativism as the notion that an individual’s beliefs, practices, and values should be understood in the context of their place of origin, rather than resorting to judging them against one another (Rydlewska, et al. 8). In reality, it encourages the appreciation of diversity and differences that exist viewed as strengths a weakness. Every locality boasts of its own unique culture forged around persons inhabiting these areas and the shared history that they may have. Dubai, for instance, is a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) known mainly for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping and artificial offshore islands. Charlotte on the other hand is a major city in North Carolina known for its rich history and post-Civil War Museums. In this essay I will be discussing the differences that are there in these two cultures.

Islam is synonymous with the Emirate’s vibrant culture as the two are intricately intertwined.. Islam and the culture found in this region are interrelated as the Muslim population actively revear the Quran as Gods word. Issues of daily living are all centered around the religion as it provides strict guidelines on how individuals here should treat each other and behave. Adherence to Islamic holidays such as the holy month of Ramadhan is common here with the Islamic country marking it with fasting prayer and fasting. On the flipside, the earliest settlers to arrive in Charlotte were Christians intent on spreading their religion to all who were residents of this enclave. It is from these first pioneers that the town’s Christian majority traces its roots. Presently, the Christian influence is seen in Christianity being the dominant religion. It is also important that individuals enjoy freedoms related to religion in the United States and the reason why religion plays a reduced role in how people run their lives.

Due to the influence of Islam in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is quite conservative, and its residents are subscribing to a strict code of conduct. Women are expected to cover their heads with a hijab (headscarf) while in free and are not supposed to be in public without the supervision of their husband or older male relative. All this is as per the Quranic teachings the Arabs here hold dearly. Men are expected to behave in a dignified manner and avoid esoteric practices such as dressing in elaborate jewelry. By so doing they will be avoiding vanity and material wealth that may adversely affect their piety. Moreover, the state only permits heterosexual marriages with cohabitation, sex before marriage, adultery and homosexuality counting as grievous offenses.

Charlotte embraces the freedom to determine one’s course as its guiding principles. Individuals can dress as they please and it is common to meet people donning expensive jewelry. The city embraces a happy-go-lucky approach to life with people enjoying a broad range of rights in leading their life of choice. The nightlife is alive in Charlotte with many restaurants and discotheques working round the clock to see that all their needs are fulfilled met. Additionally, there is an active Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) with same-sex relationships common in the city. Same-sex marriages are also a common sight in the city as it struggles to embrace its legalization in the State of South Carolina.

Dubai and Charlotte are two cities with cultures that are worlds apart. It is these differences that elucidate the beauty that is there in cultures around the world. These differences seek to strengthen the culures as autonomous entities capable of standing on their own.

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