Dance Field Study – Next Dance Concert Report

The event attended was titled Next Dance Concert, which was hosted by The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance. The performers were dance students and professionals in the realm singled out by the main choreographers, Jodi Porter, to communicate various dance related themes. I attended the first session of the event, which was on 5th May 2017 at the CalArts’ Downtown Center for Contemporary Arts. I realized through the eight routines prepared and performed by the group that dance could be used to communicate a number of relevant themes and perspectives that affect the society. However, for such an undertaking to occur, dance and presentation components have to be used and incorporated into the rendition.

Upon arrival at the venue, I opted to sit near the podium to have a better and comprehensive view of the performance. I also endeavored to interact with other people in the audience to get their expectations and compare them with mine. I noted that the expectation among the audience was rather blunt and plain, but there was general excitement in the venue with regard to the eagerness to witness the group perform. When the group started performing, the audience looked more cheerful, but it was rather hard to tell if their expectations had been met. The first dance routine was titled “Password: Heartbeat” choreographed by Jodi Porter presents an illusion kind of dance where the dancers were signifying a sense of closeness and interaction. Their rhythm and cooperation were commendable to confirm that socialization is an important aspect to observe in any setting. It was easy to internalize the presentation and link any developed perspectives to the title of the dance routine. With such a rendition, it was easy for the audience to finally interact and share experiences or expectations about the show. The interactions became livelier as people started conversing and exchanging ideas about the first performance.

When it came to the theatrical and technical elements, the team seemed to have prepared well for the rendition based on the fact that a consistent flow of organization and cooperation was evident throughout the session. The dance routines had both women and men with different sets of costumes purportedly to ensure that the audience differentiated the genders. Each dance routine had new dancers and used different music beats or rhythms. There was a unique connection in the manner in which the dancers intertwined their spirits and wit the music that was being played at every instance. Another coherent aspect that I appreciated about the presentation was the lighting of the stage. The dancers always appeared bright regardless of the fact that the general theme of their attires was dark. Also, the lighting aspect enabled the audience to have a better understanding of several norms that were being communicated in the dance routines. For example, the performance titled “Portrait of Mother and Child” choreographed by Paola Escobar showcases the intimate relationship that is normally apparent between parents and their children; a connection that cannot be realized or fostered from any other source. The lighting element allows the audience to clearly witness this aspect and internalize the cultural identity issue that was being presented.

As elaborated earlier, the team was well prepared to showcase a number of dance-related elements and intertwine them with social aspects that affect or influence the society. In relation to this, the dancing movements were uniform and unique in all ways. Each rendition had both men and women dancers with each having their set of dance techniques to administer to the audience. Some of the techniques were rather complicated based on the struggle that was apparent from the faces of the dancers. Regardless, most of them proved good at the challenge and ensured that they used the platform to communicate certain aspects. Personally, I realized that group has so far been successful at nurturing young talents from various social settings. As was clarified earlier, the team included both dance students and professional dancers who were using the stage to propagate their careers. With such a commendable performance it was evident that the choreography approaches used by the team leaders and mentors were resolute enough to guide and motivate young talents. This fact had a positive impact on the perception of the audience as many people only expected to notice the different themes being communicated from the renditions. From the analysis, dance can be used as a social activity to bring people from various walks of life in one place for a common good or objective. It can also be used to influence young people into adopting practical and good behaviors in their respective life endeavors.

I enjoyed the dance routines and approaches used by the team to lighten up the audience. I learned new dance perspectives and social themes while attending the concert. The interaction bit was also an exciting undertaking that motivated me to continue focusing on the dance session that was being

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