Developing A Personal Vision Statement Using Vision as Story-Telling Technique

The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on the development of a personal vision statement. A vision is to some degree invisible and it entails a progression that one goes through personally. It entails creating an image about a person and forming a story through the image. It can show a belief, passion or a feeling about a definite manner of observing and interpreting the world. Vision statement is the affirmation of a person’s goals to be achieved in a given period of time (Rosenfield, 2012). It should be remembered without difficulty, clear, motivating, thought-provoking and future oriented.

In five years’ time, the most desired goal is achievement of self-actualization, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This will of course come after the achievement of physiological needs which include the basic needs, followed by safety needs, including individual and financial security, and good health. The next level in the hierarchy is the state of affection and belonging, it is important to have a family at this stage, many friends and good social life. This is followed by achievement of self-esteem in the society, feeling of being respected for being a good person and respecting others as well (Beck, 2013). Finally, achievement of self-actualization, which is attaining the desired potentials in live, one that is value and moral based, just and fair to everyone and everything in the environment. This does not include human life only, but also taking good care of available resources and conserving the environment we live in.

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The core beliefs that are desirable in a person can be inborn or instilled to a person by the parents or guardians. People have different believes because they constitute a person’s vision, which are invisible and can only be seen by the person. Belief in God is one of my best values that determine the way of living and making decisions. It is the duty of any Christian to guard and respect the doctrines and regulations as per the Ten Commandments in the Bible, with the rules in mind; one will find it difficult to break any other law in society. To add on that is the belief that having a family is necessary for a person to be able to interact well with other people, it is important to have good relationships with one’s family members, making it easy for one to relate with different people and personalities in a given setting (Kawasaki, 2012). The other one is a belief that honesty is the greatest guiding principle that leads to trust, which are essential in any type of relationship in society.

The other point is belief in upholding good work lifecycle balance; this means that working the whole day without having enough time to rest and socialize with other people is considered as a vice, rather than a virtue. Finally, belief in being educated, it is important for people to yearn for acquiring more knowledge more so in matters that directly impact their lives, a more value educated society  means a healthier, safer and secure livelihood. However, despite of having good values and morals, some changes would have to be made (Rosenfield, 2012). For example, being too optimistic, something that makes one to stop viewing life in a reality point of view. The other desired change is on how to make good use of available resources. The desired virtue is that of having good stewardship of assets and exercise prudence.

In order for one to make the desired vision a reality, goals that add value to the vision have to be made. In this scenario, one of them is having quality education in all aspects of life to help in discovering the needs, abilities and challenges that have to be considered to improve the individual conditions and also that of other people in the society (Kawasaki, 2012). Quality education has to be more than just acquiring knowledge and skills, but also morals and values on how to handle complex situations in the society. The other one is coming up with innovative ideas or projects that solve existing problems in the surrounding environment. With the major problem being unemployment, the major goal is starting a restaurant with the idea of generating more profits and creating employment to the people in the state.

Adding on that, it is paramount to take part in charity events so as to help the less fortunate in the society, as well as the sick patients suffering from chronic ailments like cancer. This will be done during the weekends and public holidays as a way of relaxing from work and socializing with other people. The other goal entails identifying and resolving any fault that might have been encountered in the previous years (Kawasaki, 2012). This means making peace with God at all times by repenting on the mistakes done, having clear conscience with all people in the society, and making sure that nobody is offended by ones deeds and actions. The final goal is living a healthy life by eating healthy food, maintaining good work life, and taking enough exercises.

Identifying one’s vision and goals will assist in making them happen because of many reasons. First is the fact one will be able to know what is required of the person in the society, and will always be guided by the goals (Beck, 2013). This happens only if one is committed in achieving the goals, which demands for self-regulation and discipline. Secondly, the vision contains a message of what is seen in a person, which can only be seen by its initiator. Therefore, with a vision in mind, the probability of implementing what is contained in it is high compared to when one has no vision at all.

Despite having good visions and goals, there are stumbling blocks that may impede the progress towards the vision. One of them is lack of adequate funds to access quality education, this might result in one seeking for knowledge from unreliable sources which are not value and moral based negating the whole process of seeking quality education. The other one is lack of good health, from this perspective, health is seen as a state of having good physical, social and mental well-being and not simply the lack of sickness or disability (Rosenfield, 2012). In the event that one develops a state of poor health, which is not predestined by anyone, it would be very difficult to efficiently accomplish the desired visions. Tagging on that is the fact without good health; it is very difficult to make ethical and moral decisions in a given set up.

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