Analysis of an Organization Vision Statement -Microsoft Corporation

Analysis of an Organizational Vision Statement – Assignment Instructions

Research visions from organizations in industries other than your own. Find a vision statement that provides an engaging picture for the future of that organization and is detailed enough that external stakeholders can relate to it in a meaningful way. In a paper of 750-1,000 words, address the following:

  • Describe the company and its vison statement.
  • Discuss the attributes that make the vision meaningful.
  • Explain how the vision statement is appropriate for the organization and why the vision statement is appealing to stakeholders on both a cognitive and emotional level.
  • Evaluate whether or not the vision statement encourages organizational change. Provide rationale and examples to support your assessment.
  • Compare and contrast this vision to that of a successful vision in your field, industry, or organization. How do the attributes for a vision in your field or industry differ from those in other fields or industries?

Microsoft Corporation Vision Statement Analysis – Sample Paper


The vision statement of an organization refers to the objectives that are based on economic anticipation that is proposed to guide its inner decision-making. It answers the question why and how does the business exist. This paper describes the vision statement of Microsoft and it will explore the qualities that make the vision significant. It will investigate on the appropriateness of the vision to the organization and why it’s alluring to bothemotional and cognitive level. The paper will analyze whether the vision statement motivates organizational change. It will compare and contrast the vision of the company to that of a successful vision in the industry and describe how the feature for a vision in the industry differs from others in a different field.  This paper seeks to examine the vision statement that offers an appealing picture for the future of a firm and that which stakeholders can associate with it in a meaningful manner.

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The Vision Statement of Microsoft Corporation

According to Darbi (2012),Microsoft Corporation is a leading universal computer technology firm that is founded to fulfill its vision and mission statement.Its vision statement is ‘there will be a personal computer on every desk running Microsoft software’.

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Attributes of the Vision

The vision statement should be memorable and should reflect the key objective of the business. It should talk about the organization, the dream, and the environment of operation. The vision should reflect a long term objective and it should be short, simple, and unequivocal.It should be written in present and not in future tense, it should be summarized with a powerful phrase, it should describe the best outcome, it should evoke emotions, and it should assist to build a picture in the mind of the people.

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Cognitive and Emotional Appeal of a Vision

This vision statement is appealing to its users or clients as it shows that the company’s vision is to be superior and better that it would be used by all individuals and businesses.The company deals with software that enables and eases the work of organizations. Thus, the client would like to use products from an industrial giant like Microsoft Corporation.

Vision Statement and Organizational Change

The vision statement should be flexible and it should have a provision for organizational change. This is due to the changing business dynamics and the need to integrate change in operations(Rothaermel, 2015). It only talks of a computer in every desk and in every place that will be running on Microsoft software.However, the vision of Microsoft Corporation does not stimulate organizational change. This is dangerous as firms that do not work towards changing their model of operation such as Nokia can face problems when there is change in the industry and it sticks to the old way of doing things.

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Significance of a Vision Statement

The vision statement assists in bridging the gap between the present and the future of a firm. Secondly, the vision statement is a source of inspiration as it offers hope for the future of the firm. Thirdly, it provides a criterion for decision making for the administration of a firm. Fourthly, it explains the firm importance and how it will better the market place or the industry. Lastly, it helps to define the goals and actions that will assist it to achieve thevision.

Compare and Contrast Microsoft Corporation Vision to General Motors

GM vision is to be the world leader in transportation products and related services. We will earn our customer’s enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation. This vision statement is not constructed considering the attributes of a good vision statement that include short, simple, and memorable. It is good to note that different industries have diverse ways of formulating their vision statement so that they can be able to capture the attention of the client and stimulate the production capacity of employees.


The purpose of this paper was to examine the vision statement that offers an appealing picture for the future of a firm and that which stakeholders can associate with it in a meaningful manner. This paper analyzes on the vision statement of Microsoft Corporation. Its vision statement has an engaging picture for the future of the firm and it’s detailed in a way that the external stakeholders can be able to relate to it a meaningful manner. The attributes and importance of a vision statement is also discussed. This paper has used General Motors vision statement as a basis of comparison. However, the vision statement of Microsoft Corporation should strive at having a solid vision that has a provision for the organization change.

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