Nursing Concept Analysis Paper – Assignment Instructions

Identify a concept of one or two words that conveys meaning, understanding, or feelings between or among individuals within the profession of nursing.

  • Choose a concept that represents an area/problem of interest to you in your clinical practice.
  • Some concepts relevant to nursing include:
    • well-being, wellness/health, health maintenance, health promotion, health awareness, health management, therapeutic regimen management
    • nutrition, hydration, elimination, activity/rest, exercise, sleep/rest, mobility, trauma, pain, comfort, fatigue, chronicity
    • perception, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, clinical reasoning
    • self-concept, self-esteem, body image
    • caring, caregiving, caregiver strain, parenting, family, attachment, role conflict, separation, isolation, loneliness
    • coping, hardiness, anxiety, fear, stress, crisis, failure to thrive, grief/grieving, sorrow, hope, growth, adaptation, powerlessness, hopelessness, spirituality, uncertainty
    • self-efficacy, integrity, self-concept, self-esteem, self-care
    • mentorship, civility, advocacy, competency, just culture, apprenticeship, therapeutic self, anticipatory guidance

Write a short introductory paragraph expressing what the concept is and why it is significant to you and to nursing.

Horizontally, write down all of the words you can think of which relate to or express the concept.

Ask colleagues to share their understandings of your concept.  Briefly describe or summarize their responses.

Look up the concept in an unabridged dictionaryand list the definitions you feel most closely describe your feelings or thoughts on the concept.  Unabridged dictionaries are on reserve in the school library and  in other public libraries.

Be sure to obtain the proper citation.

The use of internet-based dictionaries is not acceptable for this paper.

List synonyms and antonyms of the concept.  You may use a thesaurus (on reserve in library) as well as the dictionary to identify these.

Submit a 2 to 4 page paper (not including cover page and reference list) in APA format by the deadline.

Ask colleagues to share their understandings of your concept.  Briefly describe or summarize their responses.


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