Updating the Mission, Vision, and Values of a Health Care Organization

Your chief executive officer (CEO) has just notified you that the board wants the health care organization to update the mission, vision, and values of the organization. The CEO asks that you complete the following in 2-4 pages not including title page and reference page:

  • Create a mission, vision, and values statement for the retail clinic
  • Provide the definition and meaning of each statement
  • Describe the individual importance of each statement to the organization
  • Discuss methods of communicating those statements to all staff members
  • Discuss organizational leaders can evaluate each statement’s effectiveness

Note: Use APA style to cite at least 3 scholarly sources from the last 5 years.

Mission, Vision and Value Statement of the Retail Clinic – Sample Paper

Mission Statement

The retail clinic mission is being dedicated to enhancing the general health of the surrounding community by offering comprehensive quality service and care in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner.

Vision Statement

To be a comprehensive, independent primary care medical clinic of choice for the healthcare needs of the surrounding community

Values Statement

  • Ensure collaboration among workers to promote knowledge sharing, teamwork, and involvement contribute to our future
  • Always work to exceed the expectation of our customers 
  • Strive to offer safest and patient care of the highest quality at all the time
  • Ensure personal accountability for adopted procedures, medical practices or decisions
  • Ensure open communication among staffs and with the patients that build partnership

Definition and Meaning of Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

The organization mission is a statement that converses the organization’s purpose for being, and how the organization aims to assist its main stakeholders.  The value statement provides the guiding principle of an organization, in which the organization has invested emotionally. Value statement refers to what the organization beliefs in. 

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The vision statement refers to a future-oriented declaration of the aspiration and purpose of the organization. It demonstrates what the organization wishes to become based on the organization purposes cited in the mission statement. Mission and vision statement main critical roles include communication the organization purpose to the stakeholders, develop measureable objectives and goals by which to measure the success of the strategy of the organization and creating the measurable objectives and goals by which to measure the success of the strategy of the organization (Akeem, Alani & Edwin, 2016).

Individual Importance of Each Statement to the Organization

Retail clinic mission statement stands for its reason for existence, the inherent duties, and the definition of its responsibility in the community. It determines the service the clinic offers to the society. In this perspective, mission statement refers the workers to a common alignment and assists to define the objectives of the organization, making them extra operative. The vision of an organization is normally connected to the mission, values or principles. It thus translates the tactic followed by the clinic as a healthcare unit. It supports good practice through service quality ethical culture, respect and humanization of the people’s dignity. Values are the primary reference principles which the organization and its workers anticipate to respect and the principles which are the basic assumptions, regulations, doctrines and rules by which employees and managers are anticipated to act. Therefore, the principles reinforce values and determine the primary fundamental and priorities expectations. Values, mission, and vision act as the foundations for the life quality of the organization. To be able to fulfill tasks and objectives, every retail clinic incorporate values, mission, and vision conceptual matrix evidence which identify it as constitute and institution reference (Rego, Araujo& Serrao, 2016).

Methods of communicating those Statements to all Staff Members

People normally accomplish more when they understand the rationale and logic behind the vision, mission and goals in an organization. Leaders thus have the duty to inform them on the new changes in the organization, what they are expected to do and how they will impact them. Leaders then need to take every chance to communicate their desire consistently to counter resistance and to remind workers of the new organization mission and vision and what they are expected to do. Frequent communication eliminates rumors and their effect in an organization (Blazey, 2013). The selected communication method should also ensure that it engage everyone to ensure that everyone understand his or her role in the implementation of the organization mission, vision and value. The new organization mission, vision and value should be communicated to all in a face to face meeting. The communication should be done using PowerPoint presentation or using any other visual aid where the company mission, vision and values are explained in details. Verbal presentation should be used to supplement the presentations as a way of enhancing understanding. Workers should be allowed to ask question, raise ideas and critics where necessary. Response should also be provided to ensure that all workers understand their contribution to attaining the organization mission and vision. Regular emails and messaging should be done to remind them of their role in the new organization mission, vision and value.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Each Statement by the Organizational Leaders

Effective communication of organization mission, vision and value statements enhances effective application of organization strategies, practices and operations to assist in accomplishing the organization goal and objectives. The organization leaders should thus determine the effectiveness of the mission statement by determines how well the organization accomplishes its purpose on daily basis. This can be determined by evaluating patients feedback with regard to kind of services received. The organization vision statement effectiveness can be evaluated by determining the extent to which the organization is growing and it has remained in line with its mission. This can be determined by reassessing the organization performance progress. The effectiveness of the organization value can be measured by determining the level of collaboration among workers, and the quality of services in the organization. Organization leaders should use patients’ feedback, performance metrics, and individual workers performance assessment result to determine the effectiveness of the organization values (Akeem, Alani & Edwin, 2016).   

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