Behavior Focused Vs Trait Focused Performance Appraisal

Compare and Contrasting two Different Methods of Performance Appraisal

The two methods of performance appraisal that are selected for analysis in this case include behavior focused performance appraisal and trait focused performance appraisal.

Differences Between Behavior Focused And Trait Focused Performance Appraisal

The trait-centered system focuses on attributes that include punctuality, dependability and helpfulness.  In this case workers are rated by their supervisors by indicating particular traits exhibited by every worker. On the contrary, behavior-centered rating system judges actions of the workers by use of rating scale to weigh specific behavior. Unlike trait-centered system where only one scale is used for all traits, rating based on behavioral-centered system employs four rating scales that include mixed standard scales, forced choice scales, behaviorally anchored rating scale and graphic rating scale. Different metrics are used in each rating scales are used in each case (Semantic Scholar, n.d.).

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Similarities Between Behavior Focused Vs Trait Focused Performance Appraisal

Majority of trait-centered systems apply a simple checklist with ratings of needs improvement, satisfactory or excellent. Similarly, some of the four rating scales in behavioral-centered system also use this simple scale rating running from lower to the upper range of evaluation. For instance in forced choice performance rakings is done by using a scale lists with options such as excellent, need improvement, poor, and average, are used. In graphic rating workers behaviors are judged on a sliding scale running from poor to excellent.

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The main disadvantage in the two form of performance appraisal adopting simple listing assessment is that that this form evaluation is prone to supervisor personal bias in both cases. In addition, most of workers get the satisfactory marks, an aspect that limits the accuracy and reliability of the system in both cases (Semantic Scholar, n.d.).

The Best Method of Performance Appraisal – A Personal Opinion

Between the two selected performance assessment techniques, trait centered seems more effective to me. This is because, the metrics used to define performance are clear and easy to determine. For instance it is easy to notice late job using the deadline allocated compared to the submitted time. It is also easy to determine dependable workers based on how well one complete an assignment and whether more input may be needed from his or her work based on the completeness of the work, punctuality of submission, level of creativity, quality of the work and accuracy.

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It is also easy to differentiate workers who can be helpful and those who cannot base on how they do their work and the level of their reliability. On the contrary, it is considerably tricky to identify individual actual behavior since individual behavior may vary based on who the person is relating with, and what one may be going through at a specific time. In my opinion it is not easy to get it right when assessing performance based on individual behaviors.

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