Development, Relief and education for Alien Minors Act


The DREAM Act (Development, Relief and education for Alien Minors Act) is a bill that allows alien Americans to be offered with legal documentation to all people brought to the United States while as children. They should have attended school in the United States. Apart from schooling in the United States, they have stayed there for a long time until they are considered to be Americans. The DREAM Act is a legislation that has been passed by the law offering young and highly talented immigrants an opportunity to get higher education in the various institutions of higher learning within the United States. The Act facilitates the attainment of legal documents hence acquisition of legal citizenship. With legal citizenship status, they can be able to attain higher education and be offered an opportunity to join the military. Before the emigrants become eligible for legal documentation, background checks are carried out to ensure that they behavior is satisfactory. They should also have completed their high school and passed through the military training or attended college. This paper argues in favor of passing the DREAM Act since it will reduce a number of challenges that face young immigrants within the United States. Among the challenges that will be solved are attaining higher education and chances of joining the military(Garduño, 13).

Passing the DREAM Act is of great significance to the United States especially the armed forces since the number of people potential people who can join the force will significantly increase. At least 800,000 young people will benefit from the implementation of the Act. Despite the numerous benefits that will be acquired from the Act, there are some groups of people ion society who believe that the benefits that will be accrued are minimal. The major challenge being cited by those who are against the bill is that the immigration laws in America will be weakened by the Act. There will be large numbers of immigrants experienced entering into the United States(Garduño, 19).

Another advantage that will be accrued from the DREAM Act is obtaining a position to participate in the global economy and benefiting from the various sectors that they have invested their resources. The students who are involved have acquired their education within the United States meaning a share of the money collected from the tax payers would have been used in educating them. Offering them a chance to work and gain higher education within the United States is of great significance to the State. It is through such a measure that they can be able to benefit from the money used in educating the children. The Act will allow more people to gain higher education meaning a large pool of labor which is essential for the success of the global economy. The competitive power of the US will increase as the labor force will be multicultural, multilingual and with varied skills. The Act has received support from leading cooperation’s like Microsoft which acknowledge the diversity in labor force. Business organizations will be able to increase their talent and gain better skills from other parts of the world. That is essential in increasing the competitive ability of an organization(Center, Immigration Policy, 21).

In addition, the DREAM Act will ensure that the number of people who proceed to high school increases significantly. Immigrant students form a considerable number of the proportion of the United States population. Immigrant students who lack proper documentation have higher chances of dropping out of school. With proper documentation, such students will attend school and they attain college level education. Passing the DREAM Act bill ensures that the various barriers that prevent immigrant students from pursuing their careers are eliminated. Immigrant students will be offered an opportunity to attend college and form part of the labor force. With increased labor, the United States will be able to collect more revenue both for the State and that of the Federal government(Center, Immigration Policy, 32).

Besides increased labor pool, the number of people available to join the military will increase. The US Defense Department supports the Act such that they will be in a position to maintain the required number of volunteers within the US army. Large numbers of young illegal aliens wish to join the military but they can only be offered the chance once they have proper documentation. The DREAM Act will allow large numbers of young illegal immigrants to acquire proper documentation hence they can be offered a chance to join the forces and continue with higher education. In the process of joining the military, they would be serving the United States. Most of the immigrant families have the military rooted in their traditions and hence there are higher chances that they can perform better once they are recruited into the military. Implementation of the DREAM Act will make it possible to recruit highly qualified personnel into the military. With higher qualifications, the US military will be able to offer better services to their citizens(Passel, 11).

In conclusion, the DREAM Act is an important part in the future of the United States. That is mainly because they will benefit from the large sums of money used in educating the immigrants. The DREAM Act will also enable immigrants acquire proper documentation hence they will be able to continue with their education. Once the number of educated immigrants increases, they will form part of the labor force which is essential for competitive advantage in the global arena. Another benefit that will be accrued from passing the Act is that the number of people joining the military increases hence the military will be in a position to have adequate number of soldiers.

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