American History

  1. Royally Appointed first as command of English forces in New York, the expelling of the Massachusetts govern in 1774 would cause his reappointment from military service to political leadership-Thomas Gage
  2. B Leader of the aggressive campaign to remove the royally appointed stamp distributer Andrew Oliver for Boston in the wake of the first round of taxes post seven Year’s War- Ebenezer Mcintosh
  3. Boston silversmith who’s engraving of the boston Massacre would become one of the most noteworthy examples of propaganda in American history-Paul Revere.
  4.  Successful Philadelphia Lawyer who’s most famous contribution to the patriot cause was a theoretical editorial written about a farmer comparing the Townshend duties to forms of slavery because of his hardship and lack of representation- John Dickinson
  5. British Prime Minister during the 1770s, he was responsible for the repeal of most of the Townshend duties, but still deemed untrustworthly, and was accused of trying to squander more colonial funds into the British coffers by removing the competing dutch tea trade- Lord North
  6. As Prime Minister of England during much of the period of revolutionary fervor in the colonies, he was directly responsible for some of the more controversial decisions during the pre-war period, including the appointment of Townshend as minister of finance-William Pitt.
  7. Royal Governor of Virginia who, in 1775, proclaimed freedom to any slaves who willingly enlisted to serve the king’s army-Lord Dunmore
  8. Governor of Virginia with personal financial interests in the expansion of territory who commissioned a young George Washington to his first assignment, which would also be a catalyst for the Seven Years’ War- Robert Dinwiddie
  9. As an Anglican minister, this religious leader’s message would curry favor with many who had belonged to the Church of England including noted reformers and politicians of the time- George Whitefield
  10. His diary, written using literary skills that were illegal for him to have learned, is one of today’s greatest resources into the harsh realities of the 18th century life for slaves- Olaudah Equiano
  11. English Prime Minister during the early stages of rebellion in the colonies; he is directly tied to the ill-received sugar and stamp Acts which he claimed were measure to recoup financial losses- George Grenville
  12. Elderly leader of the Mohawk tribe whose distrust in the British caused a limited alliance between the colonizers and former Native American allies prior to the seven Years’ War- Chief Hendrick
  13. Leader of the Mingo Native American tribe who was instrumental in guiding a small, unprepared Virginia force against the hostile French during a land dispute- Cheif Tanaghrisson
  14. This poet would pull no punches with political commentary about the hypocrisy of cries for “Liberty!” while the colonies depended on slave labor- Phillis Wheatley
  15. Virginia orator and political activist whose prose was directly responsible for some of the more notable and repeated sayings during the rebellious period-Patrick Henry
  16. Known as a “fiery Puritan minister.” his use of religious rhetoric was an effective toolin bringing families back to the Church as part of the Great Awakening-Jonathan Edwards
  17. Though he was not in the original engraving, his death at the Boston Massacre remains a staple of modern memory as being an early example of oppressive government- Crispus Atticus
  18. This founding father’s influence with boston society began at the Green Dragon Tavern as a leader of the sons of Liberty; today he is still remembered with libations, unlike his more politically ambitious cousin- Samuel Adams
  19. The lesser-known rider on the fate night of April 19th, but an integral part in alerting the minute men of Boston to an attempted raid by the British Regulars- William Dawes
  20. A Loyalist to his end, but some of his controversial decisions actually helped fuel the colonist’s rebellious fire.  This Massachusetts governor would finally end his reign after the Boston Tea Party- Thomas Hutchinson
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