Difference Between Toxic Chemical, Toxic Substance, and Toxic Agent

Toxic agent refers to anything which can create an adverse biological impact. It might be in biological, physical, and chemical form. For instance toxic agents might be chemical for instant cyanide, biological for instance snake venom or physical for instance radiation. A toxic agent affects human body by excreting toxin in the body. Thus biological toxin agent should include any invading organism which excrete chemical that is toxicity basis. One of these instances is tetanus where unlike other bacteria that causes diseases by cells destruction, Clostridium tetanic cause disease by producing toxin as it transported to the nervous system.  

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A toxic substance on the other hand refers to material that contains toxic properties. It might be a toxic chemical mixture or a discrete toxic chemical. For instance gasoline, asbestos and lead chromate are all toxic substances. Lead can be regarded as a discrete toxic chemical. Asbestos on the other hand is a toxic material which does not contain a precise chemical composition but different minerals and fibers. Similarly, gasoline is a toxic substance that consists of a mixture of various chemicals rather than a single toxic chemical. Toxic substances might not always contain a constant composition, and thus substances like gasoline can vary based in time of season, manufacturer, and octane level. Toxic substances might also be inorganic or organic in composition and they can be organic toxins or systemic toxins. A systemic toxin refers to toxic substance that impacts the whole body or various organs instead of a particular site. Other contrary organ toxins target a specific organ or organs. Toxic chemical is regarded as any substance which might be hazardous to one’s health when absorbed via the skin, ingested or inhaled or harmful to the environment. Toxic chemical are a section of toxic substances (Ec.europe.eu, 2003).

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