Differences Between Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Prompt : Using supporting documentation from at least one (1) nursing publication, describe how evidence-based practice is different from research. How would you identify a research project as being an evidence-based intervention project versus the creation of knowledge in a nursing research project?

How Evidence-based Practice is Different from Research

Research and evidenced-based practice play an integral role in the field of healthcare. Their primary purpose is to ensure that the best knowledge that is available is put into practice for the benefit of patients. Due to the fast evolution of methods and solutions in the provision of healthcare, it is always necessary for new researches to be carried out to come up with alternatives to a given care model, as well as coming up with new ways of approaching a health problem. A great number of researches in a given topic make it essential to have an evidence-based practice that evaluates the available solutions. This paper elaborates on the differences between research and evidence-based practice.

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Research is carried out to evaluate an existing hypothesis or to provide new knowledge on a given topic (Conner, 2014). Research uses either qualitative or quantitative methods to investigate a parameter that is thought to have a certain impact. Through this objective approach, research can establish credible findings that can be used for reliable decision-making. Evidence-based practice, on the other hand, employs the art of analyzing the existing evidence on a given topic to make informed decisions on the care of patients (Conner, 2014). EBP also takes into account the preferences of patients in deciding how to care for them.

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Research focusing on knowledge creation can be easily identified based on the methodology applied. Those projects focusing on specific questions on a subject are research projects. Those projects that focus on the comparison of various evidenced-based solutions and their application are evidence-based intervention projects. Another integral aspect found in EBP is the critical appraisal of research projects to establish their credibility (Conner, 2014).

In conclusion, research projects and evidence-based practices are essential factors in healthcare. While research projects focus on the creation of new knowledge, EBP concentrates on the analysis of available evidence to arrive at the best practice that can be used in patient care. These are essential factors, and each occupies a unique position in the realm of healthcare.

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