Discharge Plan For Asthma Patient – Using Nebulizer and Metered Dose Inhaler

Asthma is a common disorder of the airways that is characterized by persistent and variable symptoms that cause difficulty in breathing. The disorder can effectively be managed using a nebulizer and metered dose inhaler. These devices help to reduce asthma symptoms because they help to stop the pathological process of the disorder. The three major pathological processes that the devices tend to stop include; bronchoconstriction, airway edema resulting from inflammation, and airway hyperresponsiveness. It is very important for the 6-year-old boy to keep warm all the time, especially in cold weather. The metered dose inhaler should be used to deliver varieties of inhaled medications as prescribed by the doctor. The medications are mainly anti-inflammatory drugs and quick relief bronchodilators such as Proventil. Medications that are delivered using the metered dose inhaler will help alleviate asthma symptoms associated with bronchoconstriction, airway inflammation, and airway hyperresponsiveness (Program, 2007).

A nebulizer is appropriate for delivering medications that can be turned into mist for easy inhalation into the lungs. However, the 6-year-old boy should only use the nebulizer when he is too sick or too tired to use the metered dose inhaler. Medications delivered using a nebulizer will help alleviate asthma symptoms associated with bronchoconstriction, airway inflammation, and airway hyperresponsiveness. When using the metered dose inhaler, read instructions carefully, remove the cap, hold it upright, tilt head backwards and breathe out fully, place the device in the correct position, close lips, press down on the device, breath in slowly, hold breath for about 10 seconds, breath out slowly, and repeat as directed. When using the nebulizer, connect the hose, fill medicine cup with medication, attach to the mouthpiece, place the mouthpiece in the mouth, breathe through the mouth, turn off the machine, and wash it (Geller, 2005).

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