Abstract And Results Pyramid About Southwest Airline in Canada


The growth and the expansion of any company are basically determined by the kind of culture it has adopted. This paper focuses on developing a working and more reliable plan for launching Canada destination for the Southwest Airline. The plan acts as a challenge to Southwest Airline culture of focusing on the obstacles rather than possible benefits while making vital expansion decision. The paper gives a brief introduction continuing the background of the company and its intention to build a new destination in Canada. The paper then evaluates how a culture determines the success of a company. The paper then employs the three elements of the result pyramid model to define how the Canada destination launching will be accomplished.

Result Pyramid

Southwest Airlines Co. is among the major airline in the U.S. and the biggest international low-cost carrier. The company was established in 1967 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since its establishment, the company has expanded its operations to different parts of the world. The company does its expansion by evaluating a number of aspects that include the number of customers who are interested in traveling into the identified region, the facility availability and possible other connections that can be developed from that part of the region. This has restricted the company to embrace the all the expansion chances. This is because it normally focuses on aspects that would limit its full operation in the region, and not how they can utilize the possible chances to develop the region to be more viable.

The company is currently evaluating the possibility of launching a destination in Canada and stretching their services to the surrounding region. As the company focus on this, it wishes to establish new culture that will enable it to grow and to become an international competitor with the highest number of destinations in the work. To accomplish this, the company considers adapting result pyramid model in the organization. This is a simple model that employs its three significant organization culture elements to attain the best final results. These elements include action, experience and beliefs.

Based on this project, the company needs to focus on the final results which are establishing an airline destination in Canada. To accomplish this, the company will require identifying a few cultural practices that can easily led it to the best possible results. These practices will be selected based on the previous experience of the personnel and that of the organization. The choices will also be guided by the beliefs of the organization.

The success of any organization is basically founded on the organization culture. A poor culture normally results to constant failure of the organization project. However, a good organization culture usually acts as a backbone to the success of an organization. Focusing on the project obstacle is a culture that can always prevent an organization from attaining its goals. A good culture will influence the involved parties to focus on the solutions to the identified obstacles. This way, an organization can manage to overcome all barriers that would be encountered in its struggle for success. Therefore, to ensure a successful plan, the Southwest Airlines should not focus on what they do not have in Canada; they should focus on what they should do to get what they need to launch a destination in Canada. Here the company will have to change their beliefs, way of thinking and perceiving problems to ensure a successful plan has been developed.

The result pyramid model will be employed to evaluate why the organization has a certain way of handling its problems, and what can be changed to get better results. Normally, organizations define culture in which they base all their solutions. However, sometimes the problems are not the same as the problems that were encountered when a culture was defined. The model will assist the organization in understanding a problem may be solved differently even based on their way of manifestation and magnitude. It also demonstrates that although the defined technique can solve a problem, there could be a more effective technique than the defined one. This paper employs the result pyramid model using the bottom up technique to establish an effective plan for the launching of the airline destination in Canada.

The results identification is concerned about setting the project goals and defining the resources to be employed to achieve the goals. This section requires the collaboration of all individuals who are in the planning section. The previous experiences of individual personnel are highly required in evaluating the goals that can be accomplished and those that cannot be accomplished. In this case different propositions are done and an evaluation is done later for each to evaluate the most viable solution. After this identification, and based on the chosen proposition, the team chooses the project manager who is provided the chief role of decision making. This individual is required to take control of all resources and thus he or she is also in charge of making accountability of their use to the company. These decisions are based on open communication and evaluation. However it is made clear that each individual has a role to play and every individual should be accountable for his or her individual role to the project manager


The action bar is more concerned on what should be done to attain the most suitable result in the project. In this case, it is important to focus on the solution than the problem. Then getting more innovative ideas through research, consultation and sharing of ideas is very important. Outsourcing or hiring individuals with more advanced working technology and ability will also be essential in changing the organization beliefs and working power. This will promote the company’s exchange program regarding this project by introducing new ideas, new working perception and ushering new ways of thinking from the old members of the team.


Southwest Airline is an old company with set culture and beliefs which have been guiding the company for years. Some of these beliefs have acted as barriers to the expansion of the company. This project will be done differently by not focusing on the cost but by focusing on the possible benefits the launching of Canada destination will bring to the company. In this regard, the company culture needs to be revisited and revised, to adopt more competitive beliefs.


The company has a long history of Excellency in the regions it operated previously. Therefore, the team selection is basically based on individuals past exposures to such projects. This makes it easy to plan for all the requirements that include market evaluation, determination of the future productivity or profitability, cost analysis and budgeting. The new hired workforce will also give their experience in cost cutting techniques without compromising the quality of the project outcome. The change of culture will also give the entire company a new experience and teach then the importance of change where necessary.


The employment of this model in handling this new project gives the team a chance substitute the bad old culture with a new culture which focus on the future benefits rather than the new obstacles. Based on the customer analysis, launching of this destination will be of great benefit to the company in the future. Thus, the planning team will base their effort on the future success and thus, employ the model to overcome all other possible barriers that may undermine the project success including the old company’s culture.

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