Does Donald Trump Pay Taxes? Here’s What We Know – Article Summary

Does Donald Trump Pay Taxes?

Donald Trump a United States presidential candidate is allegedly not paying taxes according to Hillary Clinton; a political rival to Donald Trump. This argument which is considered an unfair attack by Grover Norquist; Trumps die hard supporter, came during the presidential debate in face-off between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The issue was heightened following Trump’s reaction to Clinton’s statement. Whereas the citizens expected Donald Trump to release his tax return reports and defend himself from such allegations, he reacted in the affirmative, a reaction that made people think he was actually accepting that he had not been paying taxes. However, in a press statement, Donald Trump said that he had been paying taxes but declined to release his tax returns reports claiming that no presidential candidate in a major party had released his/her tax return reports since 1976 and there was no obligation by law to do that. The tax policies on real estate in which Donald Trump is a big investor could be protecting him from paying taxes. On several occasion before, Donald Trump has been cited to be evading taxes that is in 1994 and 1978.

Following Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and his reactions towards Hillary Clinton’s allegation, there is indeed something he is hiding that he doesn’t want the public to know in fear of what he thinks would result to negative publicity. Based on the previous tax evasion claims on Donald Trump and the possibility that he could be using tax policies as a scapegoat to not paying taxes, I would share the same thought as Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump may indeed be evading taxes.

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