Ecological Integrity and To Maintain It

The ecosystem is made up of all living and non-living physical components. An ecosystem is said to have integrity when it is considered characteristic for its natural region, including abundance and composition of native species, as well as the corresponding rates of change and supporting processes. In order to maintain ecological integrity, human beings should minimize human-activity-related stresses that impair the composition, structure, and function of the ecosystem so that all natural ecological processes can remain self-sustaining whereby the ecosystem is allowed to evolve naturally and to maintain its self-renewal capacity.

The concept of maintaining ecological integrity, unquestionably, needs to accommodate some human exploitation of ecosystems. Human beings are bound to live on and on in future and failing to consider this in the theme of ecological maintenance is like starting a journey that is doomed to fail. In practice, this strategy requires the combination of the protection of representative areas and features of landscape with management of animal and plant life. Particular emphasis should be laid on the recovery of endangered species by using advanced technologies in medicine in the realms of feeding, disease control, and reproduction. Humankind should also safeguard biosphere reserves especially in marine areas. The protection of intrinsic properties of marine life acts as a form of insurance policy and environmental prescriptions are some of the very viable options that humans can use.

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Lastly, it is important to manage the use of renewable resources like water, forest products, soil, and marine life because these are the essential ecological components that support life. The exclusion of any component which is a necessity for the survival of certain organisms or plants is definitely a blow to the balance of the ecosystem as the involved flora or fauna is bound to suffer or die. Recent advances in medicine and biology should be utilized in studying the necessary components that are needed by each organism in order to determine what should be done to maintain our ecological integrity.

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