Effects of Cyber Crime – Cyber Bullying

The emergence of internet in the year 1980s  resulted to the gradual evolution of cyberspace  as a section of human activity,the growth empowered individuals  in direction  of  information communication technology, however ,this advancement yielded others negative  effects on the technology which led to cyber-crime that became  a  challenge to  individuals ,administrators of cyber space and the government Cyber-crime is one of the most fast growing area of crime in the 21st century, more often the criminals  have secretly  identified the diverse range of committing crime through the use of internet, most the crime reported  is done by computer or any technology that supports criminal activities, this unlawful act is punishable by the information technology ,virtually all types of communication technologies can be used to intimidate or bully others,. For instance, emails, text messages can be used by criminals to threaten an individual

Cyber-crime can have broad  areas where the criminalactivities is done, attacks on computer hardware and software enables the criminals make intrusion to  network hence accessing  confidential information which eases a soft landing whenever an attack is mounted,(Gordon,2003)

Moreover financial corruption and crimes can be done online whereby criminals can manage into making fraud transactions through false information. It end up the victims being frustrated resulting to negative attitude in participating in online purchasing. This trends is becoming major challenge when promoting a global market of industrial goods among different states , highly and complex cyber criminal activities partner with individuals and other organization  to fund the criminal  activities Such as cheating on credit card frauds and money laundering.

Cyber bullying can also be through the pornography where slum children are abused through computers or published print media where they force them to appear in for obscene photographs the acts results to children experiencing negative socialization which later affects their day to day psychological functioning

Moreover cyber-crime can act a s a base  for sale of illegal articles such as weapons, narcotics and wildlife products, this websites becomes an a threat to growing wildlife population hence  disintegrating the activities  of conservation.(Kelly, 1999),

Email spoofing is another form  used by criminals to undertake their  cyber bullying, this is  one of the emails  that appears to originate from  one source but in the real sense it has been sent by a different person, itmight result from piracy ,trademark or theft of computer source codes,

Another technique  is the use of  programthathas deadly viruses to the software of computers is also a form of crime.it harms the files to computers. This affect the data of the computer either by deleting or altering the viruses, they merely make themselves multiple andrepeatedly until they consume the all computer memory. Statistics shows that it’s one ofdangerous threat to individual computers the virus struck one in every five personal computers.

According to   Baskerville,(1991).There are number of effects of cyber-crime on victims, its effects  results to other implications including financial losses , loss of consumer confidence and trust  on  online buying, property loss and overall impact to the society, there is also financial loss incurred by the government as they try to  secure  hacked network as they try to  recover from cyber attacks

Business people do suffer from the menace, More Often, the confidential information of business like  trade secretes  make it advantageous   for the criminal access opportunities  in commercial negotiations in the  market, these competing business strategy undermines the potential of the producing organization in expansion, For example theft of oil exploration  data or  sensitive  business negotiationinformation, most organization are unwilling to quantify their financial losses  due to security breaches ,they are always reluctant to  disclose for fear of embarrassment and negative publicity. Companies are worriedespecially if the information is leaked to their competitors which end up destroying their reputations, it generally lowers the organization firms stock price .therefore managers  must be cautious  on  the existing cyber-crime which might affect the  organizations performance.(Power, R., 2001).

A number of tactics can be used to reduce the magnitude of cyber bullying, for instance, training citizens and consumers is one of the fundamental action so that the mitigation ofthe attacks is reduced, theawareness makes them  knowledgeable on cyber threats and how to protecttheir ownpersonal information. Use of strong passwords for accounts is also encouraged.

There is also great concern to secure our mobile phones with software like anti-virus so as to make it secure from eternal intrusion of viruses which will at the end damage the sensitive information in the system

The other remedy emphasized in responding to cybercrime is to secure wireless networks since they are too vulnerable to attacks; it’s aided by avoiding transactions on these networks which are new to our system.

The members of the   public are to be cautious especially when giving out their personal information like the website address, financial information on the internet and especially when conducting online purchase.(Bowen Mace, 2009),

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