Compare And Contrast Learning Management Systems

Assignment Instructions

Conduct an internet search for “best-of-breed” learning management systems (LMS).  Identify two and research each. In 1500 words, discuss the features of each and how you feel it can benefit the training function in your organization. What do you think is the future of LMS?  Based on your experiences with LMS, what do you feel is lacking?

What is a Learning Management System?

Learning management systems software gives companies everything they need to manage employee training programs. Using an LMS, companies can create training curricula to educate employees and allow them to demonstrate competencies or gain certification in areas relevant to their role.
Core LMS functionality includes:

  • Training administration. Employee training software helps users organize and simplify training administration, which includes processes such as distributing training content, managing user information, scheduling and course enrollment.
  • Content development and management. This functionality gives buyers the ability to author their own content and design and deliver courses within an LMS.
  • Curricula setting. With curricula setting functionality, users can combine courses by focus area and specialization, and assign and unassign courses. Certification paths. This includes tracking, managing and setting certification programs for industries that require employee certification to carry out a specific job duty.
  • Proficiency testing and reporting. learning management systems can administer tests to gauge employee knowledge or skill. Analytics and reporting functionality helps companies determine proficiency and identify learning gaps.
  • Employee self-service. With self-service functionality, employees can access training materials and on-demand learning courses from their own devices. Electronic record-keeping. By centralizing employee training records within an learning management systems, users can easily access training materials, test scores and course data from a single system.

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