Elon Reeve Musk – Transformational Leader Profile

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For this assignment, you need to select a transformational leader in your field of study, career, or other area of professional interest and create a profile of him or her as a model of leadership communication and transformational leadership.  Your focus throughout must be on the leader’s communication abilities and how communication supports and interacts with his or her transformational leadership abilities.  You should be careful to select someone for whom you can obtain a video of a presentation or written copies of a speech or professional document (not simply correspondence) so that you will have an opportunity to evaluate his or her writing or speaking ability, have enough substance to answer the questions on his or her communication abilities very specifically, and be able to complete the rhetorical analysis portion of the assignment with detailed examples.

Elon Reeve Musk As A Transformational Leader

The 21st century has been graced by remarkable leaders, but none as phenomenal as Elon Musk. Musk describes himself as an engineer with a knack for investments who also happens to be a technology aficionado. He is currently best known for his role as the chief technology officer (CTO) at SpaceX, Neuralink, Tesla, Inc. and The Boring Company. Musk has also emerged as a leading proponent of artificial technology (AI) and recently incepted the Open AI Company solely dedicated to this emerging business venture. He leads by example in these organizations and ensures that he oversees every engineering design, battery products and the production of his signature electric cars.

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In 2019, Musk was ranked first by Forbes magazine as the most innovative and influential leader of our time bound to introduce numerous technological improvements in the near future (Abookaday). Additionally, he is also one of the leading proponents of sustainable energy and has, over the years, endeavored to introduce this concept to the automobile industry. From his Model S, Model X, Model 3, Tesla Semi and the recent Cybertruck designs, Musk introduced electric cars to the mainstream, a feat attributed to his exceptional transformational leadership style. An evaluation of Musk’s communication abilities is, therefore, critical when seeking to understand how it bolsters his transformational leadership competences.

Musk, a Transformational Leader

Over the years, Musk has expressed his determination for success by taking calculated risks that many would typically avoid. He does this by trusting his intuition and instincts coupled with the advice provided by his aides. Musk has successfully made informed decisions as a leader and undertaken personal research that has enabled him to gain a deeper understanding of every situation before deciding on the best course of action. One of the most evident communication attributes that Musk possesses is always seeking ideas and input from his team members before making any risky decisions. Furthermore, Musk is an idealistic leader who follows his dreams even when critics give conflicting opinions regarding their practicality.

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The founding of the SpaceX program was one such endeavor. Critics had expressed their doubt, with the majority viewing it as nothing more than a white elephant bound to backfire on its originator. Musk listened to his critics but did not allow their doubts to dim his resolve. He mastered his fears, took the counsel of his closest advisers and is now reaping the benefits of this monumental gamble. Musk’s idea of traveling to outer was actually the result of a failed attempt to purchase rockets from Russia (Dicker 67). Instead of giving up, he assembled his team of engineers and stakeholders to advise him on the best alternative. One of the suggestions brought forth was to build the rocket from scratch, which was then accepted unanimously. Musk’s calculations provided a detailed budget and the time it would take the company to complete his first rocket. Through consensus and communication, Musk took a calculated risk, birthing the SpaceX program on the way.

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Musk’s visionary temperament coupled with positive verbal communication has allowed him to succeed in the competitive automobile industry. A majority of his ideas were set within the limits of a realistic vision whose aim was to benefit both the firm and humanity. Musk undertook this monumental task by first communicating his vision to his team and close associates. He wanted to be sure they had an acute understanding of every detail contained in his blueprints since it is they who would be tasked with implementing it. Musk was also always available through various manufacturing phases, guiding his team and always available in his office for advice (Doeden 45). The success enjoyed by his companies was largely attributed to his tenacity in the face of obstacles and determination to overcome them. Musk’s central philosophy is based on confronting challenges head-on and introducing solutions to nearly every sector. In addition to this, he has also mastered the art of always being available to solve challenges on the ground. Musk is always at the forefront concerning solving any problem that may be plaguing the organization. His hands-on approach ensures conflict is minimized by encouraging dialogue and compromise when faced with a stalemate. Musk has also made it a habit to set up shop in areas that may be facing emerging problems to offer advice while motivating his employees. His presence and the boldness it induces in the engineers is part of the reason why their projects eventually succeed and widely accepted by consumers. More often than not, Musk sleeps in the Tesla factor during important projects just to make sure that he is always available and can be accessed by any of his employees during their night shifts. This allows him to share risks and ideas with his entire team which empowers the entire organization.

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At the core of Musk’s transformational leadership style is adaptability and always ensuring that tasks are delegated clearly. During Tesla’s formative stage, Musk entertained new ideas even in the middle of production. His reception to new ideas allowed his employees to believe in him as a dependable leader who also had faith in his team. The application of this strategy creates an environment ripe for success while fostering an organizational culture with ideas from every level (Reed). Musk also involves his team in the decision-making process to ensure that they develop a clear understanding of the adaptability required in the market. Situations are always changing which is primarily why team members need to adopt a dynamic attitude if any of the objectives are to be achieved.  It also involves making tough decisions that will ultimately benefit the organization and lead to the attainment of goals while remaining proactive. Musk continuously strives for better and always dedicated to making incremental improvements. Feedback is one of the ways through which Musk successfully improves his organization. Every employee is entitled to an opinion and encouraged to provide feedback concerning any of the ideas outlined in the blueprint. Musk believes in team members telling the truth as a way of ensuring that their honest opinion about a particular program is expressed which ultimately improves the organizational performance.


Elon Musk is one of the most outstanding transformational leaders to ever grace the hub of innovation. His determination, visionary temperament, and adaptability coupled with positive verbal communication approaches have allowed him to assemble the most successful companies known to man. Musk acknowledges that communication is an important element in any firm and a top determinant of future success.

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