Emerging Information Technology Trends Research Paper

Information Technology is evolving at a higher rate. Businesses have to try and keep up with these trends so as not be left behind. Marketing has been evolving very significantly over the past half-decade. At the core is the evolution of the digitally-connected customers(Kohavi, Rothleder,& Simoudis, 2002).  This reflects the rapid change between the transactions and the relationships.

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Marketing forms a new vision by incorporating Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and also the CIOs. These two invest heavily in technology dealing for marketing automation, content development, commerce initiative and also customer analytics. This will enable the business to market their products and services easily. This form of digital marketing technology is called dimensional marketing(Kiang, Raghu, Shang, 2000).

It is important for the business to take up this technology. The adaptation of this will enable the business to flourish faster. Marketers don’t have to move up and down to let people know what the organization does. This makes it hard for them to reach out to a wider range of people. Digital marketing reaches out to the digitally connected customers. They are able to make orders online after viewing the company’s profile, products and services.

This type of marketing brings forth new challenges in case of customer engagement, connectivity, data and insight(Kianget al2000). The customers are not able to interact directly with the company. This might end up badly as the clients might get disappointments because of miscommunication. They might be given wrong services and products or late deliveries. This leads to loss of trust with the organization. Most of the workers may also be laid off because most of the marketing is done online. This might lead to high unemployment levels in the county in general.

There are several considerations that have to be taken in order to make this type of technology worthwhile. As much as online marketing is done, marketers should also be on the ground so as to enable the clients who are not digitally-connected to get information. It will also enable the clients to get more clarification on issues that they may not have understood or needed more information about it.

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