Employing the Contingent Worker – Is it Worth It?

In the article, “Earnings and Benefits of Contingent and Non-contingent Workers”, the premise of how a contingent worker, which has become a key foundation of US workforce, is compensated compared to regular workers. In this case assessment, compare and contrast the various aspects related to how contingent workers are compensated versus that of a regular worker. As you undertake this comparative analysis, address the following aspects:

  1. Given the different levels of pay and total rewards, how may an organization create a sense of internal equity
  2. Specifically, how has the employment of contingent employees affected an organization’s business, its HRM responsibilities, its overall costs, as well as its organizational culture?
  3. In your educated opinion, should the compensation of contingent workers be the same as regular, full-time employees doing the same work?  Discuss.
  4.  How would you, as the CEO of the company, create a sense engagement with the infusion of regular employees and contingent workers?

Bring in at least 2 library sources to help strengthen and support your response. Paper length: 4 pages, not counting the cover and reference pages.

Hipple, S., & Stewart, J. (1996). Earnings and benefits of contingent and noncontingent workers. Monthly Labor Review, 119(10), 22-30. Retrieved June 2, 2013, from the TUI Library.

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