Seeking Funds To Construct A School – Grant Proposal Example

El Jefe is a construction firm that deals exceptionally in the construction of buildings. The firm has been operational for eight years with vast experience in building and construction works. I am currently the project manager for the firm with the sole responsibility of managing construction projects for the firm. The firm is looking forward to developing a school as a way of giving back to the society. In this regard, the firm is seeking funds to use in the construction of the school.

Outline of the grant proposal

Proposal summary– this will include the statement of need and the general description of the use for which the grant is proposed. El Jefe construction firm is inclined to develop a school for the community to improve the state of education so that learning environment can be conducive. The main concern is to raise funds to help drive the initiative

Project description- The project is an eight classroom building with an administration block. It is located along Mariana road off St. Peter’s Parish. The project will take five months to completed if all funding is made in due time.

Budget- The project is worth 100,000 US dollars and the payments are supposed to be done in three phases during the three major milestones of the project. The budget includes all the project costs including remuneration of administrators.

Evaluation– The project evaluation process will involve periodic auditing and performance assessment in respect to the project plan, project cost plan, project time plan and project quality plan. The office of the project manager will carry out the evaluation. The primary goal is to achieve sustainability during construction of the classrooms. Experts will be needed to make the project a success.

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