Events and Causes That Led To World War I

World War I is deemed as the greatest global battle based in Europe and it started on 28th July 1914 and lasted up to 11th November 1918. At this juncture, more than 9 million soldiers as well as 7 million civilians were confirmed to die due to war, whereas a casualty rate exacerbated with the augmentative’s industrial and technological tactical and sophistication stalemate. Generally, this was amongst the deadliest conflicts within the past, thus paving way for basic political revolutions including changes in diverse involved nations. Otherwise, this assignment is aimed at analyzing scholarly articles thus offering information concerning causes and events that triggered World War I (Van Evera, 1984).

Indeed, World War I was geared by a combination of various factors though above all, it was led by the tensions that existed between European powers and also the crisis based on balance-of-power system which separated Europe into two camps. Whereas single camp, linking Great Britain, Russia and France (Triple Entente) struggled to sustain the fragile balance betwixt the European enormous powers, the other camp established around Germany Empire Italy (Central Powers) and Austria-Hungary was opposing it. Indeed, these are the basic factors that lead to formation of devastating military armaments in trial of ensuring that each part outweighed the other (Silver, 1989).

In particular, these triggered various wars including Franco-Prussian War, the Accession of Wilhelm II by the German Throne; Russo-Japanese War; Entente Cordiale; Moroccan Crisis; Bosnian Annexation Crisis; Italo-Turkish War; Balkan War; Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and July Ultimatum. While summing up, this war was confirmed to bring about huge destruction of properties, loss of lives and also leading to decline in economic status of involved countries (Sandberg, 1979).

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