Example Of A Scholastic Probation Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. XXXXX,


I would like to thank you for taking the time to write to me and more importantly for providing me with the opportunity to submit this letter for academic appeal under the University of South Dakota’s Scholastic Probation Policy. In response to the query on my academic performance as per the academic transcript I submitted in my application to your esteemed college, I acknowledge that I did in fact perform poorly in Principles of Microeconomics and World Religions courses, much to my surprise.

To be perfectly honest I would attribute this dismal performance to a case of overconfidence and misplaced priorities caused by an error in judgment on my end. At the beginning of the semester,I was very excited as I picked the courses and had the sincere desire to learn what the coursepromised to offer. As the semesterprogressed, my genuine engagement and interest is the subject mattersof study grew and I felt quite confident in my overall comprehension of the theories and as a result, may have taken on a more casual and relaxed approach in the preparation of the final exams.

I realize now that my initial excitement and enthusiasm as I took on the courses may have led me to read a lot more extensively than was required as opposed to intensively focusing on understanding the principles and theories that were taught. This caused the rift in the application of what I had learnt and what was required in the exams. In hindsight, I see exactly how I missed to apply the core ideas that I had learnt and that I so clearly understood by going off topic and providing a lot of related information that was not concisely organized and specifically directed to responding to the questions that were posed in the examinations.

When I received the results I was not only shocked but also discouraged, however, after weeks of introspection and a general assessment of my academic capabilities and drive to achieve academic excellence, I decided to go through with my application at your esteemed university, which remains my first choice. I now know exactly how to correct the nearly fatal academic mistakes of the past and feel confident that with an assignment planner well organized around the course content and taking a more intensive approach in studying and preparing for examinations, I will be able to stay on track. In addition to this, I will arrange for tutoring and work more closely with my teachers to enhance my comprehension skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking capacity as relates to developing excellent academic arguments that are thorough and most importantly concise. To stay organized and focused and to be able to monitor my progress, I will develop a work plan, a revision plan and diarize my activities in order to improve my note taking skills while highlighting the areas where I struggle and the areas where I excel and keep myself motivated towards the achievement of excellence.


I respectfully request that together with the admissions committee, you review my transcripts and applicationin light of the above information and reconsider my request for admission.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Yours sincerely,


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