Expressed Argument and Implied Argument in The Media

What is an Expressed Argument?

An expressed argument is typically an overt argument often directly stated or presented explicitly to pursue an audience about points in a particular viewpoint. This type of argument is often characterized by specific claims presented by an individual together with evidence to back the position or opinion presented. Today, express arguments are a major element of persuasive writing and written speeches and have often become a major part of editorials and essays. Expressed arguments are often preferred because the speaker attempts to make an explicit argument with the specific aim of convincing them to accept a particular position or point of view. One of the best examples of expressed argument is captured in a 2023 article by CNN titled Why we Should Prioritize Renewable Energy where the author champions the wide-scale adoption of renewable energy (CNN, 2023). The author specifically argues that renewable energy is sustainable and cost-effective and backs this claim by providing evidence such as the increasing demand for clean energy and costs associated with this type of energy.

 What is an Implied Argument?

An implied argument is a perspective captured in a persuasive message rather than being suggestive or implying a particular thought or notion through language. It negates the use of visual aids or persuasive techniques when conveying a particular message is typically overt and straightforward rather than relying on an implied argument. Audiences can, therefore, make an inference immediately based on the content in the perspective of the message conveyed while also making use of the subtext to understand the actual meaning. Today, implied arguments are common in advertising and various forms of political propaganda where a happy family can be depicted to improve the appearance of a given product (Walton, 2015). Such images are often meant to give the product in question credibility before potential consumers while evoking positive emotions to improve the audience’s perspective about the product. Political propaganda has also been known to utilize implied arguments, especially while attempting to manipulate the public to adopt a particular point of view (Stanford, 2021). One of the best examples of this is when a politician decides to use emotionally-charged messages to suggest that their rival is incompetent without providing tangible proof to back the claims.        

Why is it important to understand expressed and implied arguments?

At present, it remains crucial that we gain a firm understanding of expressed and implied arguments and their use in society today. An in-depth understanding of implied arguments signifies that we understand their power and influence and can rely on the audience to deduce the message therein. Implied arguments are important for effective communication and thus go a long way in promoting and supporting the decision-making process for all involved (Tindal, 2018). It now becomes possible to identify various persuasive messages contained in social media posts, speeches, and news articles to understand the full range of the message being expressed. Understanding implied arguments and their use makes it possible for us to evaluate the motives behind a particular message to determine whether or not they are trustworthy.

Understanding Expressed and Implied Arguments in Essays         

An understanding of expressed and implied arguments may also be critical in the drafting of an essay in the following distinct ways:

1. Both arguments may shape the narrative in an essay and may be an incredible help during the drafting stage.

2. They may also help in developing a clear thesis statement for the essay in question.

3. They are important in guiding the analysis of available evidence for a specified research topic.

4. May guide a writer in responding to available counterarguments.

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