Film Critique: Erin Brockovich Film

  1. Discuss survey research.

Survey research is an important aspect of applied social research measurement. It entails any procedures of measurement that involve questioning respondents. The research survey can come in many forms including a short written feedback form or an exhaustive one-on-one interview (Fowler, 2013). In the Erin Brockovich film, the researcher uses in depth one-on-one interviews to conduct her investigation.

  1. What method was used by the characters in the film to gather data?

The method used is the study method where the researcher investigates facts or events with the aim of finding information. This method of gathering information does not rely on the researcher’s media knowledge alone but instead requires him/her to perform some detective work. It is common knowledge that most films show thing that arefar from what most people know as reality (Brockovich, 2000).  For any film that is looking for information relating to advocacy, the best chance they may have of understanding the situation being researched would be through observation.

  1. How was a needs assessment conducted by the researcher in the film?

This kind of detective work usually involves the researcher sifting through a number of documents. In research of Erin Brockovich story, which was expressed in the Erin Brockovich movie, was shown given documents including water department records among other documents. Erin decided to look for the ratings of water quality as well as the chemical substances that are found in the drinking water used by the habitats of Hinkley, CA(Brockovich, 2000). Erin’s detective work required that she paid close attention to detail and that she portrayed a great level of patience.

In films, movies, and books, conducting comprehensive investigation helps all the pieces of information and details fall in their rightful place with ease. The Erin Brockovich film did not exaggerate or idealize the detailed and conscientious nature of Erin’s work. Erin conducted interviews with people whose family members had been ill as a result of contamination.  Searching for answers and evidence in real life situations can be a tedious and time-consuming affair, which in most cases ends up yielding no positive results at all(Brockovich, 2000). This form of investigation may entail going through a huge number of public records, or spending days in one place watching something. The majority of coincidences that lead the researcher to the evidence are unlikely in real life.

  1. How was the needs assessment used to obtain information about the prevalence, distribution, and interrelations of variables within the affected population?

The tragic reports that Erin received from those affected evoked her sympathy since she could relate to their feelings of being helpless. When Erin started investigating the issue, she discovered that thee were hundreds of victims. When Erin learnt that there was a need for someone to fight for the rights of these people, she put her needs and concerns aside in order to help them(Brockovich, 2000).

  1. Discuss ethical implications about the researcher’s actions.

Although the task of investigating carried out by ErinBrockovich was quite demanding it paid off.Erin was able to help a huge number of individuals who had fallen sick or had been injured from drinking the tainted drinking water. Other than that, Erin’s investigation also had a number of ethical implications, the major one being that she she paints businesses in a negative light. Some of the business ethical issues highlighted are deception, untrustworthiness, bribery, and intent to harm to the environment. According to Erin, PG&E is driven by selfishness and they do not care about the welfare of their employees, customers or members of the community.

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