FIN 550 Corporate Finance – All Discussions With Sample Answers

FIN 550 Week 1 Discussion Questions

Investment Performance – Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, predict the performance of the DOW for the next two years. Provide support for your prediction. Given your predictions, recommend whether or not a risk-adverse person should invest in the DOW index fund. Explain your rationale.

“Investment Decisions” Please respond to the following:

Analyze the factors that influence investment decisions at different stages in an investor’s life cycle, and make a recommendation at which stage the average investor should consider financial investments. Provide support for your recommendation. Assess how cultural differences in foreign countries impact investor asset allocations.

FIN 550 Week 2 Discussion Questions

“Globalization” Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, analyze how national exchanges around the world are linked and suggest which exchange most significantly impacts the U.S. markets. Explain your rationale. Assess the factor(s) contributing to the global consolidation of stock, bonds, and derivative exchange. Predict the impact to these exchanges in the future.

“Efficient Markets” Please respond to the following:

Analyze the most significant driver in an efficient market and whether or not you would characterize the U.S. markets as efficient. Provide support for your position. Discuss how behavioral finance concepts, such as bias, may impact investor decisions and the efficiency of financial markets.


FIN 550 Week 3 Discussion Questions

Global Investments” Please respond to the following:

Construct an argument for the average investor to consider diversifying into international markets. Based on international market performance, predict which foreign market will yield the highest return to investors over the next year. Provide support for your prediction.

“Portfolio Management” Please respond to the following:

Assess the factors that contribute to someone being risk adverse and how risk aversion may be diminished for investors. Explain how a given investor chooses an optimal portfolio and the most significant driver that determines if a diversified or single asset will be used.


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