Formation of American Nation Research Paper


American history in attaining independence and formation of the  nation remains somewhat of  a mystery to many. It took many years of struggle, fighting in collaboration with the original colonies for their freedom. It is depicted in history books that revolution and freedom for independence took place in 1784-1819 in which the new nation formed. There was a successful revolution against the England that gave the people of America independent states in the family of nations. It facilitated them with a changed social order in which privilege and heredity counted for human and little equality in the society(Adair & Braud 2005).. It also gave them a thousand memories of struggle and mutual hope. Therefore, it gave the people of America a challenge to prove that they possessed a genuine ability to have a new home in their capacity for self-government.

In this week’s study, there is one aspect that is compelling about the formation of the American nation. What impressed me most is what the fourth American President James Madison expressed about the success they had achieved after gaining freedom from their colonizers. He said that nothing has excited more admiration than the way in which American free governments established. He points out something that makes me feel good; he talks with vigor and vehemence as he sees the American inhabitants being deliberated from colonies and forms their independent government(Adair & Braud 2005). It is now the joy of everyone who enjoys the government and the American formed nation which is reign with diligence and transparency leaders who have the outstanding leadership qualities.

The information in the material on the formation of American nations is what I had come across in the library two years ago. It was the period when I was so curious to know how nations fought for their independence in the hands of the colonizers. It happened that I read about the American history and, therefore, handling this week’s material has been interesting because I had the knowledge prior to this. The past American leaders who demonstrated a significant responsibility in fighting for freedom bestowed a lot of lessons. The American citizens should depict and protect their constitution since this is what protects everyone in the region (Bancroft 1834).

The Keene showed both the Loyalist and Patriot experiences during this period because of the selfish interest they wanted to gain something on both sides. The loyalists were doing this towards the leaders, and the Patriots were doing it towards the nation. The people characterize the revolution in terms of Loyalists and Patriots, in there were those who supported the rebellion. There are also those who collaborated with the British government (Bancroft 1834).

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