Foundation of Knowledge Model Components And How They Impact Nursing Informatics


Foundation of knowledge model greatly helps in nursing since it contributes to knowledge that is essential in the nursing profession.  The model has four components, which are knowledge processing, knowledge generation, knowledge dissemination and knowledge acquisition (Mcgonigle, D., & Mastrian, 2012). Nursing informatics further helps in linking knowledge experience and wisdom together with the use of technology to manage data that can be used to deal with nursing cases. In knowledge, acquisition nurses are the main people who collect the data from the patients. Generative knowledge is further used to turn the information from the patients into data that can further be manipulated by technologies to come up with useful knowledge. The processing of the data is carried out using knowledge.

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The processing of the data is mostly done using the various professional abilities of the nurses from their education and experience. Since the information gathered emanates from experiences that nurses have with patients the data is shared among nurses to improve the nursing professional. Various nurses can further use the information from the different nurse or hospitals to enable them to improve on their procedures or share information to increase their knowledge and wisdom in dealing with the various situation facing them in the hospitals.

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As such the information they process to form the hospitals is further disseminated to other professionals including nurses, physicians, and students to name a few through various technologies that link them (Hannah et al., 2015). The four components are thus maintained, as knowledge is shared among the professionals and students, which further enhances knowledge in the nursing profession and creates more space for research in the healthcare profession.

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