Reflection on Nursing Informatics Competencies

Overview of Health Care Informatics

Health Care Informatics refers to the implementation of nursing resources and technology to maintain nursing career up-to-date with the regular and continuous changing of medical knowledge and information. Consequently, nursing informatics is the artifact and product of scientific fusion and synthesis of information in nursing as it uses the computer models from nursing science, information science, computer science, and cognitive science (Choi, 2012).

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It is continuously evolving as more careers and efficient access, create, information vital to improving and advance nursing for the twofold betterment of the nursing profession and the patients. Nursing informatics is an advantage to the nursing profession as it helps in making patients assessment, use of heart monitors, and pulse dosimeters.

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My experience of the first lesson of Health Care’s Informatics

I had no clue of what nursing informatics until I first started the class.  To begin with, I was not familiar and open to putting all of my information and documents on the multiple internet sources. Nonetheless, once I became competent with it, I have found it very helpful and constructive in attaining more information and knowledge, which ensures I stay up-to-date with the evolving information. Within the first week, I had learned how to create a Voki, an Eportfolio, and embedding HTML coding into a website. This lesson has made me realize that although nurses have the basics of nursing, technology is very useful in the research findings.

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Therefore, nursing informatics is imperative and significant with the entire nursing career, as it ensures nurses become more efficient and effective with the implementation of technology. All the technological equipment used by the surgery equipment to the vital sign monitors, provides we conduct accurate assessments to our clients (Stephens-Lee, & Wilson, 2013). For instance, the tell stroke machine permits nurses to interrelate and network with neurologists who are not in the hospital and ensures quick treatment of the patient.

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