Can The Nursing Informaticists Role Be Justified?


If a healthcare organization is considering hiring a nursing informaticist, one consideration is that such a role does not involve direct patient care. How can this role be justified? Consider your current experience in working with individuals from your nursing informatics department. What types of roles and responsibilities do they perform in your organization? If you do not interact with such a department, utilizing what you have learned so far, what value do you see nursing informatics professionals bringing to your organization?

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Nursing Informaticists Role Be Justification

Nursing informatics refers to field which integrates information science, computer science, and nursing science to communicate and manage wisdom, data, knowledge, and information in practicing nursing. Nursing Informaticists main role is to manage information that would assist other nurses in enhancing quality primary care. Thus, it is true, nursing informaticists are not directly involved in providing primary care to the patient; they do not have direct contact with the patient. However, they facilitate the primary care process by enhancing capturing and storing of patient information and medical history, and ensuring that those performing primary nursing care have enough professional literature to guide them and enhance quality of care. Thus, they indirectly contribute to primary care (Andrea, 2014).

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Nursing informatics involves competencies in informatics skills, information knowledge and computer skills. Nursing informaticists main roles include retrieving and searching data on patient demographics using a computer, using information technologies, telecommunication devices, and patient care documentation to enhance nursing care. They also assist in ensuring safe use of computer technology and networks safely. They also assist in computerization of health care information to enhance patient information accessibility and constant update.

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This enhances patient monitoring process. With their informatics skills nursing informatics also assist in information flow interpretation in an organization, preparation of charts for process information flow for all clinical systems aspects, the development of database and standard structures to enhance research, clinical care, administration and education. Nursing informatics has added the organization value by enhancing IT integration in the nursing field. This has provided nurses with better patient management system which has eventually improved the quality of care provided in the organization (Darvish et al., 2014).

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