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Search: getting rid of obesity.


Obesity is substantially associated with the food taken by some of the populations throughout the world, especially first foods. It is a problem affecting many urban centers since most of the people use fast foods, which are plenteous in fat and have little or no nutritional values. Various websites propose different solutions to obesity.

Various websites talk of how obesity can be treated. talks of the treatment of obesity and how it is caused though it does not point out explicitly the various ways to deal with obesity since it uses languages that are sometimes indecipherable. Various English words are confused for example instead of used food it uses well. Therefore, one may be confused as a result. The website provides valuable information on the various misconceptions like eating less food to reduce obesity. Refraining from eating fatty meals as the website says is not a solution since people may get more calories from other foods. The website provides valuable information but does not provide the required linguistic understanding.

The website has a copyright of 2013 and still operates without having renewed its copyright. The websites have the domain of .in, which may be questionable since people who are not proficient in providing information concerning nutrition may have formed it. The website does not have references, which help people to know if what they are showing is credible, or not. Therefore, the sources and credibility of the information is questionable.


Author: Sharib

The website dwells on the treating obesity using home remedies.

The site proposes various treatments for obesity. One of them is green tea. Using quality green tea leaves to reduce obesity has been proven to reduce obesity significantly. It proposes the taking of green tea three times a day.

The second option of dealing with obesity as Sharib suggests is apple cider, vinegar and lime juice. The website encourages exercise in dealing with obesity. It gives reliable and realistic ways of dealing with obesity and therefore it can be proved a valid site. The presentation of the information by the website is relevant and provides invaluable information on how obesity can be treated using natural means.

The website, as a result, provides relevant information on obesity as the topic states and the sites name health tips is relevant to the topics. The website is copyrighted, and this adds to its credibility. As such, the site provides information for authorization.


Author: Unknown

Topic: 10 ways to get rid of obesity

The article is in the form of slides, which focus on the prevalence of obesity in India. The article has various references to support what it puts across. Therefore, there is credibility in the information posted on the website. The website has a copyright of 2015 and therefore it is current and up to date with its information. The website also has the .com domain name, which is a valid domain name.

The website provides information on obesity mainly focusing on the effect it has on the economic and social standing of a nation. It concentrates on causes of obesity and looks at very low-calorie diet, using foods that are low in fat and carbohydrates. The article critically analyses the various solutions that obese people need to follow to help in treating their condition. The website provides relevant information since it provides news on business, movies, and health among many others. Therefore, a site offers information on various topics with health included.


Search term: getting rid of obesity

Author: Hannah Rice Meyers

Topic: How to get rid of obesity with slim fast

That people have different reactions to obesity and even to its treatment. The articles look into the various steps that people can follow to contain obesity. It suggests different treatments that include shakes that have either chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. The website does not give references to prove that the shakes or solutions proposed by the articles have been shown. It suggests the eating of snacks between meals and balanced diets during dinner without stating whether the lunch and breakfast should have a balanced diet. The references are given near the bottom of the website and are and the diet channel. The information does not have academically researched information that backs up the various steps that deal with obesity.

The websites credibility is not in question since it has an updated copyright of 2015. It has the domain of .com, which is a commercial domain and further shows its credibility.

There are many perspectives when looking at nutrition. The academic world has come up with various measures and ways of dealing with nutrition and the nutritional disorders. Some of them embrace traditional forms of eating while others look onto modern forms of treating the various disorders. Culture has changed the way people deal with nutrition. In the modern context, people are wont to consume unhealthy foods than in the traditional setting. As a result, the culture of a place determines the nutrition. Nutrition is an important area that should be greatly researched to input important information that will help people to avoid various eating disorders.

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