Obesity in America – Research Paper

Obesity in America

An individual being obese or overweight is not a cosmetic problem. These conditions critically raise once risk for other health complications. Obesity is body weight that contributes substantial risk for adverse health outcomes. The predominance of obesity has greatly increased markedly in U.S. adolescents and children in the past 30 years. Obesity-related risk contributing factors and diseases previously seen only in adults are increasingly being familiar in obese teenagers and even younger children.

Describe the effect that obesity (childhood and / or adult) has had on you personally or your community.

Obese children are more probable to be overweight in adulthood than healthy-weight children are. This places those children at increased risk for adult health -related problems such as heart disease, stroke, multiple types of cancer, type 2 of diabetes and osteoarthritis.

In addition to the long-term health outcomes, obese children are more probable to have cardiovascular risk dynamics such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Obese children are also likely to get prediabetes, placing them at greater risk for development of diabetes. Social problems such as poor self-esteem and stigmatization are also ostensibly with childhood obesity.

Causes of obesity

Children or even adults become obese and overweight for a variety of reasons. The most common causes of obese are lack of physical activity, genetic factors, unhealthy eating patterns, or a combination of these factors. Only in rare circumstances, is being overweight is influenced or caused by a medical disorder such as a hormonal problem. A blood tests and some physical examination can indicate the possibility of a medical ailment as the reason for obesity.


Maintaining a healthy food diet and physical exercise levels are essential for preventing obesity and consequent diseases.

Many aspects affect the dietary and physical activity of adolescents and children. Communities, childcare settings, schools, faith-based institutions, families, government agencies, and the media all affect these important activities of children. In addition, the beverage and food industries play an increasingly vital role in the physical activities and dietary behaviors of children.

Recognizing the useful role the beverage and food industry has on dietary practices of children, the United States Better Business Bureau developed the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. This move is a voluntary self-regulated platform that includes many of the largest beverage and food companies in the United States. The primary goal of this imitative is to inspire healthier dietary lifestyle and healthy choice among children by changing the types of beverages and food advertised to the children under the age of 10.

Sociological theory

Both ethnicity and race are, in fact, social theories. The assumption that race replicates only biological differences is inaccurate. Categories centered on race reflects for only 3–7% of total human genetic range, are not consistently measuredand are not constantly biologically meaningful. Moreover, both race and ethnicity are continually evolving theories, making the task of relating groups or following the same age group over time pretty challenging. For instance, the increasing percentage of the U.S. population labeling their race as “mixed”  and also changing their ethnic identification across all generations and sometimes even within similar generation, makes it very difficult to allocate individuals to invariant categories of ethnicity or race.

Nevertheless, the social significance given to these concepts to describe groups that have been seen in similar ways based on alleged biological characteristics, as well as the response that such classifications themselves have resulted in inequalities in health and access to health care, requires that we continue to use the concepts race and ethnicity.

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