Group Policy Software Installation and Software Restriction Policies

Group Policy Software Installation and Software Restriction Policies Assignment Instructions

Scenario: Your boss has come to you and expressed that there are several software packages that he would like you to deploy to different departments. Explain how this can be done using group policy. Also explain the concept of software restrictions and how/when you might use this in an organization.

Participation Requirements:

Your instructor will use the following points for evaluating your performance in this assessment:

  • Did you explain how they would deploy different software packages to different departments?
  • Did you explain what a software restriction policy is?
  • Did you explain how/when an organization would use a software restriction policy?
  • Did you respond to at least two other students’ posts?

Group Policy Software Installation and Software Restriction Policies Sample Answer

To deploy different software in different departments, the best strategy to use is group policy which will only focus on users from each department separately. In this case, the software will be put in one machine, maybe in the machine of the head of the department. It will then be shared with other department users. All the software files that need to be deployed are shared in the same file. The group policy is then created where the software is deployed to the users in the department. In this case the deployment will be via users. The company will deploy the software via user accounts to ensure that only users in the department get the software (Burchill, 2011).

The software deployment will be done by right clicking on the software installation. Here an advanced deployment means will be employed. The best option in advanced deployment will be basic installation where users will only view a few or no software screenshots and the full installations takes place to all users without any user involvement. In this case, the installation will take place when a user logs into their account. In this regard, the best time to prepare for the installation would be early in the morning before users report to work to ensure that the software is fully installed first thing they log into their account. This will be done in every department where the unique software required in each department will be input in the computer of the head of the department and the same deployment procedure followed to ensure that the installation if fully done (Burchill, 2011).

The company will employ software restricted policies by ensuring that all machines are only installed with the software the company has chosen for the department. In this regard, the company’s IT department will monitor the system to ensure that all computers in all departments are only installed with company’s agreed software. The company will have antivirus which will be updated regularly to all users connected to the company system. Updates will always be available in the morning while opening the machine and regular machine scans will also be automatically initiated to ensure system safety, integrity and effective system management.

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