Guidelines For Handling Unhappy Customers

Adjust your mindset

  • Once aware of unhappy
  • Put yourself into customers service mindset
  • Meaning you set aside any feelings

Listen actively

  • This is the most important step in the process
  • Remember that client needs to be heard
  • Start the conversation with a neutral statement
  • Resist temptation of trying to solve situation right away

Repeat the clients concern

  • After the client is doe explaining
  • Repeat his concerns to be sure that you’re addressing the right issue
  • Ask question if need be for certainty
  • Use calm and objective wording
  • This help lowers the client anger and stress level

Be empathic and apologize

  • Understanding why the client s upset
  • Body language is important in communicating

Present solution

  • Present the client with a solution
  • By telling her how you like to correct the mistake

Take action and follow up

  • Action should be taken immediately
  • Explains steps taken to fix the problem
  • Follow up to make sure that the client is happy

Use the feedback

  • To reduce risk of the situation happening again

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