Gun Violence

In recent times gun violence has risen significatly globally. The world now faces the reality of this plague as more children, and young adults continue to fall victim to senseless acts of violence. It is for this reason that a section of leaders in countries such as the United States have voiced their concern over gun ownership laws and even called on their government to tightening the noose on illegal firearms. All these are debates that aim to reduce the number of people who are either killed or maimed as a result of gun violence. However, there has been a section of individuals who actively believe guns, in particular, are not to blame as they can be utilized legally to cater for a variety of sanctioned activities. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are around thirty persons who die on a daily basis as a result of homicides while fifty-three more succumb to suicide, all of which are gun related (Cook and Ludwig 45).  Experts also call for a paradigm shift in approaching the issue with some even suggesting a public health strategy and background thorough background checks for all those seeking to acquire a firearm. In this essay, I will put gun violence into perspective, its effects and viable strategies that can be implemented to manage this menace.

In essence, gun-related violence refers to any act of aggression that involves a firearm.  It is a controversial issue because there are situations when it is not a criminal offense. For instance, there are occasions when homicide is justified, often when someone is protecting their property or defending themselves from imminent attack. Military action is also included here due to the deaths that result from confrontations involving guns.  Globally, there are around 876 million guns that are in the hands of civilians, an influx that has links to the rise in gun-related injuries and deaths (DeConde 34).  The levels of these activities vary from one country to another with the United States leading in per capita deaths that are gun related. It is a unique country that has an intricate relationship with firearms. Entrenched in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is the right to bear arms and the reason why Americans own most of these weapons in civilian hands globally. The recent rise in mass shootings around the United States has led to a national conversation about gun ownership which remains a controversial topic. Many of those speaking about this existential problem suggest that laws and policies should be put in place to ensure that the possession, sale or modification of firearms is within the confines of a specific jurisdiction.

Forms Of Gun Violence

Gun violence can take many forms of the most common type being a homicide. Intentional homicides involve persons who carry out acts of violence with the aim of causing severe bodily harm or even death. The availability of guns and a few conflict resolution structures are to blame in cities like Chicago, in the United States where such violence is at an all-time high. The city is teeming with guns that may have been brought in by criminal gangs or stolen from residential homes during breaking incidences. There is also a connection between homicides and domestic violence, especially in a household that possesses firearms for personal protection. Possession of weapons in residential heightens the risk of crimes of passion whenever couples get into an altercation. Moreover, robbery and theft, especially in poor neighborhoods is a common cause of gun violence. Gun totting criminals do not hesitate to use their firearms, especially when the victim in question resists or puts up a fight. Suicide is also a form of gun violence that is highest in households that have guns in their possession. Most of the victims are individuals in distress, suffering from mental ailments and mostly resort to suicide as their only way out of their situation.

Effects Of Gun Violence.

Gun violence has adverse effects on a community and all those caught up in this intricate maze. The most significant worry among many is the human cost that results from gun violence. The world has recently witnessed acts of wanton violence where many of the victims lose their lives. Those who survive these encounters are similarly psychologically affected in the long term owing to the trauma of witnessing blatant acts of gun violence. Children who grow up in environments filled with gun violence are also scarred psychologically and are prone to mental disorders later on in life (In Gold, et al.). Additionally, gun violence takes a toll on the economy due to the response that it requires. Ambulances are often needed for the scene, with police using massive resources and working round the clock to carry out conclusive investigations. Those injured during such altercations also need urgent medical care and extensive therapy which is quite costly.

In conclusion, gun violence is an issue that needs to be evaluated thoroughly to establish ways to curb it around the world. Individual countries have taken stern measures such as banning guns altogether and prohibiting anyone other than law enforcement officers. While this may manage the problem, it is essential to involve all the major players in these governments to ensure that they seal all loopholes in a bid to end gun violence.

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