Hand Tool Ergonomics – Handheld Barcode Reader – Description, Brief History And Improvement Suggestion

Discussion Prompt

Choose a hand tool that you are currently using in your workspace. Describe it, and present a brief history of its use. If possible, upload a picture of it as well. Then, make a suggestion as to how it might be improved. How would this improvement assist you?


Sample Answer – Hand Tool Ergonomics – Handheld Barcode Reader

Hand Tool Ergonomics - Handheld Barcode Reader
Hand Tool Ergonomics – Handheld Barcode Reader

The hand tool that I am currently using at the workplace is a handheld barcode reader. This is a point-of-sale scanner that is movable or handheld permitting the user to walk around scanning the price of the item at the item location rather than lifting the item to the scanner at the counter. The device uses a USB cable connected to the sale-point computer. The device has a well build handle that is easy to handle and to grip. It is also considerably light such that one can easily hold in with one hand for a long time period. It can scan items located up to 9 inches away and at least 5 to 9 feet away. The tool was purchased two years ago to replace fixed barcode scanner that needed the cashier to lift the item to the counter, causing wrist dislocation, back pain and other health issues. Although the tool was a perfect replacement of the fixed scanner, it still needs some improvements. The scanner handle is highly smooth making it hard to grip. I believe this could be better with some contours. I also feel that the tool has a large diameter permitting maximum torque. This diameter needs to be reduced slightly. The tool’s handle is also considerably short and thus it is likely to cause avoidable compression and the central part of the palm especially for individuals with a big hand. The length will need to be increased considerably.

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