Health Care Advertisements Analysis

Search for recent health care advertisements from similar health care services, facilities, or other health sector-related occupations (e.g., labor supply, productivity improvement, technology, or personnel benefit design).

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Select three advertisements and deconstruct each one to evaluate the marketing strategies employed.

  • Write a 525- to 700-word paper evaluating the advertisements you selected and how they are effective or ineffective in their design.
  • Effectiveness addresses ‘results.’ Did the ad influence you to take a further action?
  • Cite at least 3 reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).

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Intermountain Healthcare Imaging Technology, Valley Hospital Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Cloud Based Technology – Sample Paper

Health Care Advertising

The three selected health care advertisements are technology adverts. The adverts include intermountain healthcare imaging technology, the Valley Hospital minimally invasive and robotic surgery, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center cloud based technology.  The three adverts are in form of banners, which can be placed in different digital platforms including social media, websites and blogs of the related healthcare or hospital, and also in different medical advertisement platforms available online (Radu et al., 2017). 

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Intermountain Healthcare Imaging Technology

This advert focuses on informing the public of special imaging services offered in intermountain healthcare facility, for having the best available technology for this service. The advert include the image of a patient receiving the imaging services, and writing regarding how the healthcare facility qualified imaging and radiologist team employ cutting-edge imaging technology, to assist physician to obtain accurate images for effective diagnosis and treatment. This advert clearly targets patients with need of radiological service, who include cancer patients, patients with physiological problems and other internal health issue, requiring imaging. Imaging accuracy plays a great role in reducing cost involved in wrong diagnosis and treatment due to imaging errors, or cost incurred to repeat inaccurate or misleading patient assessment. The technology is thus highly likely to attract patients who like quality and efficiency in assessment, diagnosis and treatment (Dick, Varma, Kashef & Curtis, 2016). The advert banner increases the healthcare competitive advantage by showing what the healthcare facility have above its competitors in the market. The advert influenced me to check on the currently available imaging technologies and their level of efficiency, just to know how recent their technology could be.

The Valley Hospital Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery

This advert features a doctor (surgeon) and the de Vinci robotic system used in minimal invasive surgery. The advert demonstrates the doctor’s special ability in using this technology in a mastery way, in cancer related surgeries. The advert also demonstrates the surgeon legacy, locally and international in minimal invasive advance surgery, and total number of such surgeries this surgeon has managed. Thus apart from advertising the availability of the technology in the institution, the advert also demonstrates the available of effective personnel to use the technology, which makes it more viable to the targeted population, which include cancer patients.

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The advert is highly likely to attract the attention of anyone who comes across it. It demonstrate high cost management by promising efficiency, not just by having the right technology, but also by having a qualified personnel to apply the technology, to obtain the best possible results (Mayo Clinic, 2019). The advert is likely to attract a huge number of cancer patients requiring surgery to the Valley hospital. The advert made me visit the hospital website to see what more they have in terms of personnel and technology, especially in oncology and surgical unit.

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Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Cloud Based Technology

Unlike other technology based adverts, this particular advert is focusing on untouchable and unseen technology, which is cloud technology. The advert features a helicopter ambulance, and a statement on how the Santa Clara cloud based technology saves life. The writings clear that highest level of valley trauma care starts in the helipad. It also has a “Go Public” line. Basically, it is hard to understand how the cloud based technology is used to save life.

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However, the use of helipad shows that the technology may be used to call for emergency services from different parts of the valley. Although the advert is not very communicative, cloud technology is said have the aptitude to offer services over a network, aptitude to make a shared resources pool, ability to use services broadly and provision of different service models (Daman, Tripathi & Mishra, 2016). It can thus be highly useful in offering first aid services in a helipad ambulance. The ad made me research more on the use of cloud technology in healthcare organizations, to enhance my understanding on the same.

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