Value of Dynamic Strategic Thinking In Health Care Environment

The healthcare industry in America has been undergoing massive transformation over the past few years where the implications of the changes are still not fully visible. One of the strong points that some of the leaders and mangers have been capitalizing on is the ability to use dynamic strategic thinking. One of the positive results of such thoughts is the growth of organizations that have already moved a step ahead to improve on the services that they offer to their customers. Additionally, the missions accomplished by such organizations remain to be one of the factors that attract more customers who seek the high quality of services offered by such organizations. Finally, as a result of organizations being able to think strategically, they have been able to increase their revenue generation by earning high amounts of return on the investments.

On the contrary, the organizations that fail to think strategically will always find themselves offering poor services to their customers and as a result losing out on their customers. Moreover, those that do not have strategic plans may not be able to expand their customer base as well as failing to expand their income earnings. The end result is that they may not be able to compete effectively with their rivals in the industry, which may eventually force them to close down.

Importance of having a competitive advantage in health care

Having a competitive advantage in the health care industry is important because it helps to win the confidence and trust of the patients on that particular health organization (Anuradha, 1997). Additionally, a competitive advantage is important because it helps in changing the perception of the patients regarding the quality of services that they receive. To achieve competitive advantage, hospitals need to upgrade their use of Information and technology. Additionally, they need to charge moderately so that the prices do not scare away the customers (David et al, 2003).


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