Heineken Brand Audit Paper

Heineken is a brewing company that has gradually grown over the past 150 years to the giant brand that it is today. From its location in Amsterdam, it is now an internationally recognized and highly regarded beer brand with an immense global business base. The following audit gives a brief history of the Heineken Company. It also elaborates on the current position of Heineken as a leading brand that is associated with a large number of people all over the world.

  • In the year 1864, Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought De Hooiberg. The haystack as it translates to be a brewing company that was founded in 1592. After this purchase, Gerard renamed it to his family name.
  • The year 1869, Gerard Heineken saw it best to change and opted for a fermentation type of brewing to create pure taste.
  • In 1884, Heineken came up with the symbolic brand that saw him use a green bottle coupled with a red star as an export signature.
  • 1886 is the year that saw Heineken creates a new formula known as the “A” yeast which would guarantee a more formidable beer with impeccable quality.
  • In the year 1914, Henry Pierre who was the grandson to Gerard expanded the brand through transferring it to various continents around the world.
  • 1928, Heineken shifted its focus and adopted an international outlook with a view marketing the brand and propelling it to achieve international recognition. The following year, 1929, Heineken set up shop in the Asian markets.
  • In the year 1933, Heineken became the first beer to be accepted back into the United States market following an earlier prohibition.
  • In 1954, Heineken initiated the ‘Beer Can Travel” campaign that was tailored to promote global marketing.
  • 1968, Heineken bought Amstel, in a move geared towards growing the company further.
  • In the year 1975, Heineken shifted its production base to Zoeterwoude.
  • From the year 2003 -2013, Heineken further grew through the acquisition of Brau-Betellingus AG., Scottish & Newcastle and FEMSA Cerveza.
  • Currently, Heineken has a number of brands which include Heineken larger, Heineken light which contains 99 calories, Dos Equis- a brand that is increasingly growing in America, Tecate, Tecate Light and Strongbow.
  • Heineken also provides a number of career opportunities to interested individuals seeking employment in the company. The company focuses on increasing its revenue and consumer base through brewing of healthy beer that is fit for consumption.
  • Heineken Company also enjoys a great following on social media. The company’s Facebook page has as many as twenty-two million followers on the social media platform.
  • It has turned to renowned personalities around the globe in a move that is focused on advertising it further. One of the famous faces in the Heineken advertisement is Jose Mourinho, a football manager in England club Manchester United.
  • The brand is also a major sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, a soccer competition played in Europe by elite clubs who enjoy massive fans base.
  • Additionally, Heineken enjoys a twitter following of close to one hundred and forty-seven thousand fans on the social media platform.
  • Following the recent row from the public that has seen an emergence of civil rights groups protesting over an advertisement that was created by Pepsi, Heineken has created one of their own that is a complete contrast of the former, and one that has received applause from various stake holders.

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