Helping Student Manage Challenges they Face With Online Studies

The aspect of time is one critical factor in our day-to-day life that we can never assume at any point. This makes time management an inevitable component that we all need to embrace at the best of our capability. There is a number of tasks to be accomplished in our daily life, ranging from household chores, work, personal fitness, leadership roles, church responsibilities and studies. This process analysis essay gives a comprehensive approach towards helping students in managing the challenges they face when undertaking their online studies. The essay further presents astep-by-step platform on which hope is restored for the students to believe that they can manage their time effectively in order to accomplish everything they want.

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The process of balancing studies, family, work among other responsibilities is never an easy one but calls for self-determination and discipline. The greatest challenge one faces is the urge to pass exams while still working on shift, and still goes home to the family that needs his/her input in organizing everything around the home. When such a time reaches, everything seems complicated. It is understood that the overload becomes very overwhelming and would make someone feel like giving up, but that should not be the case, we should always remind ourselves that we must do something in order to create a balance between the various aspects of our lives that mean everything to us.

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Despite all the challenges that come with the pursuit of the various responsibilities, family will always remain at the top of priority for most of us. However, one needs to make smart and tough choices which will help him/she achieve some kind of stability with his/her work, online studies, family among other responsibilities. A good aspect of the online studies is that one gets to study from home while taking care of the family at the same time. Therefore, a person should be in the best position to create a balance of the online studies, work and family with ease.

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The very first step that an individual should put in place in balancing the family duties, work and studies is to acquire a daily planner. The gadget is most appropriate as its portable and therefore one can carry it along everywhere he wants. The day planner helps in organizing the activities an individual plans to undertake for the day. The individual jots down each day’s activities alongside what he should achieve at the end of the day. He puts a tick against the activities and the chores completed. The daily schedule should be strictly timed. When the day planner is used effectively, it helps one to manage time appropriately apart from the individual being in a position to do things that he/she couldn’t initially do. The process of creating a balance on online studies, family and work boils down to proper time management. We will be amazed with the much we can do with the little time available.

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On the other hand, not all the important aspects of our lives can be managed with the use of a day planner, for example family. This creates a demarcation on the areas in which the day planner can be most suitable and where its application is purely inappropriate. Therefore, an individual needs to thinks of a way out in the places the day planner will not be of importance.

Use of a diary is another appropriate way of managing ones time, apart from the day planner. The diary can be a good material to put down the most valuable goals and priorities. The diary gives one a directive to give attention to the most important goals and priorities that he/she feels matter most on a particular day.This makes one to ensure that he does not put too much attention on a particular responsibility and forget the others.

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Additionally, in order for an individual to manage his time wisely he must develop a tight time-frame. This would mean to make specific time for studies. One should note down the days of the week and then focus on what he wants to get done that particular week. The next concern would be to go through the listed days of the week and then put down what he wants to getdone on every specific day of the week.It’s very critical to be organized since this makes one to stay on top of his plans.Being focused is an essential integral of balancing work, family, studies and other tasks.

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Another efficient method of creating a balance between family, work, studies and other responsibilities is through sharing of family responsibilities. One should ensure that he assigns the available responsibilities to every member of the family in order to avoid juggling everything on his head only. A supportive family would always be ready to help each other in accomplishing their dreams by assisting in doing the household chores and other responsibilities. When one has got no household chores and other family responsibilities to worry about he gets ample time to manage his study schedule, and work.

Moreover, one should stick to a study plan in order to balance his studies with other life responsibilities. One would need to miss out a lot things, especially the ones that seem to be less important. This would call for making sacrifices like skipping outing in order to do most valuable things of the day.It is acknowledged that life is really challenging and a bunch of school work would make it more scary. Therefore, achieving success in academics alongside other responsibilities bestowed upon an individual would call for a relentless effort in sticking to a study plan. Every week may present a totally different course of activities, therefore one needs to be very dynamic and open minded to incorporate a change of activities and achieve the optimal outcome of every task undertaken.

Operating on a flexible schedule is also an important way of managing the online studies, family and work. Though, a good part of the schedule would be inflexible but a room for adjustment is a perfect way of ensuring an effective time management depending on the contingencies that may arise in the course of doing the tasks.For instance, one should build a routine that he can stick to, but also he is able to adjust it when other important things come up.

Lastly, stress management is another crucial aspect in the management of time and creating room for the successful accomplishment of tasks. The process of undertaking studies, engaging in family responsibilities and work involves some elements of stress. One should therefore try to prevent stress, hence learn how to relieve it as well. Transiting from one task to the other calls on a person to take a break. When one gives himself some time to recollect when he needs it most, he can reproach the tasks with a clear mind.

In conclusion, the process analysis of time management with respect to achieving the best outcome out of the underlying responsibilities, a day planner, stress management, sticking to a study plan, being organized and delegation of responsibilities are at the core of attaining such a critical of work, family, studies and other responsibilities.

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