How Democracy can be Improved or Continue to Grow Today

American has gone a long way in promoting democracy. The country has managed to shift from white male landowner voters during the Jefferson period to all white male voters in the Jackson period, the country managed to change the law to permit women and members of minority groups to vote. Today, every American citizen has the right to cast their vote. The country also permits mailbox votes to ensure that every citizen gets a chance to exercise their constitutional rights of voting. The country has grown democratically to permit women and people from minority groups to be members of congress. The country has also managed to pass several laws that focus on protecting the rights of the minorities in the community. This demonstrates growth in American democracy (Schultz, 2018).

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However, despite the growth, the country is experiencing a high level of inequality between the minority groups and white. There is also some degree of racism in the country, mostly demonstrated by police officers while exercising their policing duties in different places. There is also a lack of social justice in the country, especially about the minority group. Although the country has made a huge step in promoting democracy, there are some gaps in the system. Laws are passed to protect the minorities, though their implementation is still wanting. The minorities are still experiencing problems they used to experience long before the enactment of some of these laws. For instance, minorities are still discriminated against in traffic checkpoints, along the streets, and in the estates by the police. There have been several cases of police brutality directed at black Americans, resulting in a fatality. This means, although there are anti-discriminatory rules in the country, they do not apply everywhere. Black people and other minority groups have to take to the street to force the system to treat them right. This means the effect of the advancement of democracy is yet to be felt by all in the country. Laws are made but their implementation is poor (Parvin, 2017).

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Also, laws are made but they mostly leave loopholes that subject the minorities to similar challenges they experienced before the enactment of the bill of rights. This needs to be changed. The country needs laws that protect blacks and other minority groups against police brutality. The country also needs better strategies to address the growing level of inequality between the whites and the minority groups. Social injustices need to be addressed to bridge the poverty gap in the country.

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