Ways Federal Government Changed From Time of Jefferson to Jackson

The federal government underwent significant changes from the time of Jefferson to Jackson. To start with, democracy was expanded so that it incorporated more citizens. Notably, during Jefferson’s era only white men who owned property were allowed to vote. However, this changed during Jackson’s era whereby all white men could vote regardless of the property ownership status (Sinha, 2019). Secondly, during Jefferson’s era, the government hinged on a well-educated populace while Jackson did not emphasize importance of education. Unlike all six presidents before Jackson who were wealthy and educated, he did not have much money and felt that education was not essential (Lynn & Watson, 2019).

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Lastly, during the time of Jefferson, only the highly-educated select few were eligible for government offices. For one to hold a government office during Jefferson’s era they must have been well-educated. Thus, education was necessary and a key to success in politics during Jefferson’s era (Wulf, 2006). This changed during Jackson’s era as Jackson believed that the common person should have equal right and access to holding government office. Jackson also wanted to make government offices rotate individuals who held them and, as such, introduced the “spoils system.” Jackson advocated for the spoils system as a means for to clean out the corrupt elements in the government (Sinha, 2019).

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