How Federal Bureaucracy Implement Policy Within Federal Government And Source Of Its Powers

  1. How does the federal bureaucracy implement policy within the federal government?  Give a specific example.  Where does the bureaucracy gets it power?

The United States (U.S.) system does not have a leadership mandate and hence implementing programs effectively compels individuals to fight for power. Failure to do so would lead to losing power to agencies that are constantly competing for resources (McC, 1995).Bureaucracies pursue support from all avenues available, which compels that they have the aptitude to play politics. They usually take an agency viewpoint; their main goals include procuring funds, capturing attention as well as support for that agency(McC, 1995). They tend to use professionalism and careerism to strengthen the agency loyalties.

Main sources of bureaucratic power

Just like all other agencies, bureaucrats acquire their power through professional proficiency and expertise. They also get power from its beneficiaries, which include clientele groups with special interests in the agency’s programs. When an organization benefits substantially from the bureaucratic agency’s operations, they tend to protect the agency in as a way of self-preservation(McC, 1995).Lastly, they get power from the president and members of congress whom causes they promote. However, the president and members of congress are usually at odds over empowering bureaucratic agencies due to institutional rivalry issues.

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