HR Practices that can be Utilized by Healthcare Organization to Improve organizational and Employee Performance

The performance of any healthcare organization is highly determined by the general operation of its workers. It is therefore important for human resources management department to develop management strategies that will enhance efficient and effective HRM practices to attain the desired objectives and goals. One way to achieve this is through the employment of strategic human resource management. Strategic HRM refers to a process which entails the utilization of overarching techniques to the HR strategies development that are horizontally integrated with each other and vertically integrated with the business strategies. These strategies describe plans and intentions associated to the general organizational considerations that include organizational efficiency, and to more explicit people management aspects, that include employee relations, resourcing, reward, as well as development and learning (Cania, 2014).

Another way to ensure good organizational and individual work performance is by working to enhance high level of job satisfaction in a health care organization. This touches on the recruitment process, work supervision, workers interaction, appraisal, and compensation. In this case, individuals should be employed in the right work position where the job description fits their academic and professional qualifications. Workers should be provided social and technical support to fit well in their role. HRM should ensure respect and social harmony in the work place, regular appraisal should be conducted where individuals are promoted based on their performance. In addition, a good and competitive compensation plan should be adopted. Wok scheduling should be reasonable and with a high level of balancing (Bharnagar&Srivastava, 2012). This will promote a high level of health care workers job satisfaction and hence, promoting workers morale and dedication to their work, which translate to good individual and general organization general performance.

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