How do Effective Human Resources Management (HRM) Practices and Policies Assist in Enhancement of a Health Care Organization’s Competitive Advantage

Effective human resources management results to the development of effective workers management policies, which control workers behavior in an organization. These policiesdictate on workers behaviors, with consequences for each kind of act. For instance, they define rewards for those who maintain good conduct and punishment that include suspension, warning or termination foremployees who go against the organization policies. This instills operation discipline and promotes work commitment and motivation through different forms of rewards.Effective HRM also provides competitive compensation plan, effective recruitment process that acknowledges individual proficiency in the area of operation, good operational relationship, and plans for individual professional growth. It also enhances adoption of a good organization culture that promotes safety and quality of care, open communication, collaboration as well as adoption transformational culture in a healthcare organization. These play a great role in ensuring that the organization is able to attract the best talents in the industry and that it is able to maintain these talents (Cogin, Ng, & lee, 2016).  Good compensation plan and favorable work environment increase workers morale and level of creativity and innovativeness. This will generally translate to a high level of competitiveness in an organization compared to its competitors.

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